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Woman looking for her nicheTips For Finding Your New Niche

Niche finder research is critical for you your online business success.  It is often the difference between making your first dollar online and being one of the thousands who start up their internet marketing business only to become frustrated and give up.  People spend thousands of dollars to find their ‘perfect niche’ only to find they still cannot make money so the key is to do your research first to ensure this does not happen to you.

So What Makes a Profitable Niche

It may sound obvious but never forget basic business fundamentals, a proftable niche is an area where there are sufficient demand for your product.  Smart marketers find out what consumers want first and then offer a solution to customer needs.  The solution could be your own product or someone else’s product that you promote of their behalf for a commission.  What is important is the niche provides a sufficient return on your investment to enable your online business to achieve its financial goals.

How Do You Find a Profitable Niche

Profitable niches are everywhere as long as you know where to look and be smart about which niches you target.  Often one of the best places to carry out research is your local bookstore as magazines and reference books rely on reader interest and have already spent a large budget on finding these areas.  Generally any topic you come across that can fit into health, wealth or happiness categories are worth looking into.

Once you have identified areas of interest, I then suggest you have a look at clickbank and amazon to identify what products are available in the niches and how popular they are.  The more popular the better.  If there are a number of popular products for your niche, you can then think about what product you are going to offer, a tailored product of your own or someone else’s.  I also recommend for beginners to promote someone else’s product first and learn how to build a website and get it ranked.  Once you have mastered this and you get results in your niche, then you can create your own product.

Niche Finder Research – Common Mistakes

There are a number of common niche finder mistakes made by both beginners and even the more seasoned internet marketers.  Most internet marketers if they were honest about it would admit they have even gone into niches that were profitable but were not successful.  The main advantge of an online business is you can fail cheaply in a niche and then try again.  Everyone must learn so don’t be discouraged if you do not succeed at first.

Some key tips are as follows:

  • Do choose a niche which is of interest to you.  Passionate niches often spend no matter what the economic climate and if you in this as a long term business you are more likely to commit to it if it is of interest.
  • Do have a look at businesses that are successful in a niche of interest and see what they do and what they have invested in.
  • Don’t spend thousands on every new software tool promising you instant success.  Do your own research and follow a system that has been successful for others in a particular niche or a similar niche where it can be adapted.
  • Don’t create a product before you have done your research and identified there is a market for it in your niche.

I highly recommend you check out Teri Champigny’s ‘Short and Simple Guide to Finding Profitable Niches‘ to help guide you on the right path.