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A Potent Example of Why Niche Research Matters

It breaks my heart when I see people chasing after bad markets. Whether it’s because there is no market as in no one’s looking for what you’ve got or it’s a bad market because there’s too much competition (a little is good but too much makes it really tough), trying to build a business in a bad market just leads to disappointment, frustration and no income. So unless running a hobby business floats your boat, you need to research your market.

Don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself.

This is directly from some research I was doing for a client. I’ve edited out the actual keyword for privacy’s sake, but just imagine if this was your business. How long do you think you’d be in business if these were your numbers?

Niche Research Example

Here are the figures that matter…
Zero Searches
Zero Traffic even if you’re in position #1 (SEOT measures the traffic if you’re in #1)
A Flat Graph in Google Trends
Zero Adwords Traffic (AWT)


451,000 Web Pages Competing for this Phrase

What’s wrong with this picture?

451,000 pages competing for zip, nada, nothing, zero traffic!!!!


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