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Are you building your business on a pogo stick?

Pogo sticks were loads of fun when we were kids, but they took a lot of energy and effort, not to mention constant motion, just to stay upright. If you stopped even for a second, you’d topple over, right?
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I see too many businesses doing the same thing. They focus on just one aspect of their business, and sooner or later, usually sooner, they topple right over…discouraged, frustrated, and confused.

Successful businesses are just like houses, they need to be built on strong, stable foundations. Houses are bolted to their foundations. They are solid and throughout all of the changes of design and rennovation over the lifetime of that house, the foundation remains solid.

Your business needs a foundation just as solid as the foundation under your house.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently as I watch a tug of war going on between heart centered business people and the bottomline, data driven folks. Each is operating from a very particularly viewpoint and very rarely do they meet.

What’s interesting is the businesses attached to either end of the rope appear to be struggling.

The businesses that really and truly prosper are those who live somewhere in the middle, incorporating the best of the extremes and weaving them into a coherent whole. They build their businesses on solid foundations with four strong corners,

1. The pursuit of meaning and the higher good. Some call this heart. Some call it spiritual. Some call it passion or doing what you love. Others call it being of service.

Whatever you call it, it’s that something bigger than yourself that imbues your daily activities and your business activities with meaning.

2. Providing high value and quality content in every aspect of your business..the articles you write, the products and services you provide, and even the ease with which your customers and prospects can communicate with you and buy what you have to offer (ie your systems).

3. Paying attention to the data. Doing research, testing markets, tracking key indicators, taking action (even changing direction) in response to those indicators, setting goals and measuring achievement all belong here.

4. Making a profit…bringing in more than you spend. If you’re not making a profit, you don’t have a business. You may be doing something else worthwhile but it’s not a business.

Focusing on just one, two or even three of these are not enough. In order to truly thrive you need to be consciously integrating all four. Together they create a synergy that’s far greater than anything they can produce individually.

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