So why niche at all?

You may be wondering why you’d want to focus on a niche market at all when the broader market has more demand.

Good Question!

Here are 3 reasons to niche it down…

1. It’s easier for your prospective customers to recognize themselves in a niche. You want them to say, “Yes! This is for me.”

2. A clearly defined niche is the beginning of a conversation.

Customers rarely buy the first time they meet you any more than new acquaintances become you best friend immediately. So having a niche in which they recognize themselves helps get the conversation going. It’s the difference between asking someone a general open-ended question and a very specific one that invites them into a productive conversation.

3. You become more visible to the search engines and your prospective clients. As a result you get more traffic and more recognition from your real life human visitors (please or please don’t forget them)

Is this making sense? I hope so.

Up next…How Keywords Reflect Market Demand

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