How to Identify a Hot New Niche

Welcome to the world of internet marketing!  I congratulate you on taking action on getting this far and taking the first step which is to identify that hot new niche to propel your online business forward.

It is very important to take this step first as a common mistake many people make is to create a product first without first carrying out the research to find out what consumers want and then finding a product to meet that need.

So how do you find this niche?  It all sounds so easy when you are sitting in a seminar and the speaker tells you how they found their niche.  But then, excited, you head straight out to do your research and find it is not so easy.  The aim of this website is to assist you in your internet marketing journey  and provide you with the tools and confidence to keep going rather than be discouraged at the first hurdle.

The best niches will be those broadly described as the ‘evergreen niches’ being health, wealth and happiness.  The attraction of these niches is that they are likely to be popular both now and in the future.  Given your aim should be to set up a site that can be automated as much as possible to generate you passive income on an ongoing basis the last thing you want is to identify a niche that is likley to be out of date in twelve months time.  For example, weight loss is generally a topic that people of many generations have been interested in and is likely to continue in the foreseeable future.  If you created a website about ipad 2 it is likely this will be replaced by ipad 3 at some time in the future meaning your website may soon be out of date.

Taking the example of weight loss one step further if you typed this phrase into google at the time of writing there were 298,000,000 results.  So while this is a great niche, in its current form there is far to much competition to expect to rank high enough in google to make your new site profitable in the short term.  The real secret in identifying a niche is a combination of these two approaches.  Identifying an evergreen niche such as weight loss is a great start but you need to drill down this term further to identify other keywords.  To start off with, I suggest you open an account with google adwords and then go to their keyword tool.  Here you can type in your phrase, I suggest you tick the ‘exact phrase’ box which in this case is “weight loss”.

From here, you will get a list of all search terms associated with weight loss and you can drill down to identify keywords with a reasonable amount of monthly searches with an indication as to the level of competition you face in terms of other websites that also are targeting these search terms.

Once you have identified a hot new niche that consider may be profitable, the next steps are to identify a product that you can sell in this niche and ways to generate traffic.  You will then be on your way to becoming an internet marketing success.