New Niche Finder Recommends

Here is a list of products and services I use regularly in my business (any exceptions will be duly noted). In time I will get to writing full reviews but for now here’s the list with a few notes.

Please be aware – though I make money from selling some of these products, I became an affiliate because I use them and like them.

There are also products on this list for which I make nothing. I offer them because they’re the best I’ve found and I’d like to save you some of the trial and error (not to mention dead ends) I’ve experienced.

#1 – Market Samurai*

Market Samurai is without a doubt the best online market research tool I’ve ever used. Online Market Research It gives you a complete analysis of the keywords in your niche market…number of searches, number of competitors, strength of competitors, commercial value indicators. It even helps you find content for your site.

An added benefit is that once you’re up and running, Market Samurai also gives you a fabulous rank tracking tool. Again it’s the best I’ve found.

You can check this out with their 12-Day Free Trial. You even get to keep the keyword research module which is enough for preliminary searches, but it doesn’t give you the in depth competition analysis you’ll need to make the best decisions.

Don’t take my word for it, give Market Samurai a try for yourself.

#2 – Google’s Keyword Tool

If you don’t want to spend the money on Market Samurai, this is a free alternative but it will take you more time and you will have to do other manual research to get a complete snapshot of your niche keywords. That said it’s quite useable.

The most serious drawback is that the competition information is superficial at best. I want real numbers not a bar graph that’s so difficult to read it’s virtually useless.

One advantage of using this tool is that you can plug in copy or designate a website and Google will tell you the keywords. Now Google has gotten quite sophisticated so you may be surprised by what Google comes up with.

Recently I ran a search on a site that was about spiritual retreats for women and Google spit back a whole list of yoga terms even though the term ‘yoga’ wasn’t anywhere on the site.

To be honest, I use Google’s Keyword Tool in conjunction with Market Samurai to double check results and to get be started when I’m just brainstorming ideas. Then I take the best results back to Market Samurai for the full analysis.

#3 Aweber*

After finding a niche and doing good online market research, your list is your most valuable asset so a good autoresponder/broadcast system is an important investment.This is not a place to skimp and at only $19/month (less if you pay quarterly or annually), Aweber provides a high quality service.

Having an email marketing service is so important because it allows you to follow up with your visitors.

This is more important than your website. You can always host on a free service like Squidoo or Mailchimp to start, but at some point you need to make an investment in your email marketing service and so i recommend you set Aweber up from the start.  Like all good software programs, there is a money back guarantee trial period so you can always cancel your subscription after the trial period.

One of the things you want to be watching carefully with any service is deliverability rates. No matter what service you use you are probably sharing the server with other marketers. So you need a host who is protecting their servers from the spam police who will with very little provocation, blacklist the servers. Blacklisted servers mean your email doesn’t get delivered.  Aweber is vigilant about protecting their servers and getting to you email delivered at an affordable price.

Sign up with AWeber now and start building your list.


* Just so you know, I make money if you buy this product.