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Key Word Finder Research That Works

Key Word Finder Research That Works

Key Word FinderGood keyword finder research is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects in identifying your niche. Performed correctly, the key words identified can be ranking on the first page of google within a few months which is a great entry into your chosen niche and is the first step in attracting visitors to your website.

How Key Word Finder Research Works

Successful key word finder research is broadly identifying popular search terms in major search engines such as google that have been overlooked by your competitors. This could be the result of your competitors targeting keywords that are more widely searched or simply have not carried out sufficient research. The aim is identify key words which have enough searches to enable you to get enough traffic to achieve your online profit goals with limited competition.

Who Should Perform Key Word Finder Research

Any serious internet marketer or business owner aiming for a strong online presence must carry out key word finder research. So often, I see and hear stories of people who have had websites created that look great but do not generate any traffic. This is because they overlooked the basics of researching key words. Key words are a simple measure of the demand for any product you are looking to sell to the marketplace so it makes sense to ensure their is sufficient demand for your product before entering the market and that you will be able to reach these consumers. This tip alone can save you thousands of dollars.

Undertaking Profitable Key Worder Finder Research

There are a number of methods for carrying out profitable key word finder research. One of the major advantages that online businesses have over offline businesses is the quantity of information available and the cost effectiveness of carrying out this research. There are free keyword software tools for those starting out with limited budgets and also paid keyword software tools for the more advanced or time poor who wish to have the have the information available at the click of a button. The object is to identify keywords within a niche which enable you to rank quickly in the niche. Ideally, you are looking for exact searches of at least 5,000 with low competition. Your keyword software tool will assist in filtering this information for you. Start by typing your general niche term you are interested in into your tool, for example, dieting, and looking at each of the identified search terms to identify which fit your criteria. These search terms should then be the first key words that you target for the content of your website. Some of the keyword software tools I recommend include google adwords, webfire, market samurai and wordtracker which I am in the process of reviewing for your convenience.

Common Key Word Finder Mistakes to Avoid

Alot of beginners make common mistakes in their key word finder research, myself included when I first started out, which I would like you to avoid.

First and most expensive is to not do any key word research at all. So often, people start out with this great idea for a product that they have spent countless hours on developing and then setting up a website to share with the world when the simple truth is no is searching for such a product.

Another common mistake is to target generic keywords which are highly searched but have significant competition by high authority sites. This is very difficult to rank for in google and best avoided.

Finally, do not try to cram every keyword you identify into the one articvle or blog post. It is best to have one main key word and a second sub key word at the most. Then make sure you post is natural and reads well. This has much more authority with google and will assist with your ranking.


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