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So why is New NIche Finder so focused on the data?

Okay, so why, if I’m so interesting in seeing you weave the 4 pillars of business together, is New Niche Finder so focused on data?

Excellent question! The answer is this…it’s the missing piece for the majority of businesses I work with.

My natural tribe has always been the heart centered, quality crowd. It’s who I like to hang out with, it’s who I attract, and it’s who I most want to serve.

The biggest obstacle in the vast majority of these businesses is they forsake the data and profit as if it doesn’t matter. I personally think of it as being business phobic, and I gotta tell you, jumping into business while you’re trying to hold your nose at the same time, just doesn’t work. I know because I’ve tried. It just doesn’t work.

As any therapist can tell you, it’s the unconscious aspects of our psyches that tend to bite us in the butt when they go unacknowledged. Well they might not say it quite like that but you get the idea, yes?

Business is no different, and the area reluctant entrepreneurs ignore the most is the data. They ignore it to the detriment of long term profitability. It breaks my heart to watch otherwise smart people shoot themselves in the foot.

So focusing on the data isn’t because I think it’s more important because it isn’t. Rather I’m focusing on it because it’s the most ignored. Remember this isn’t about becoming “Corporate Borg.” It’s about integrating data, profit, quality and heart into a cohesive whole…a financially successful business that serves the greater good.

Thanks for reading.

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