Can you really turn a 95% Failure into 95% Success?

Okay I can’t honestly say these numbers are strictly accurate but I do know that way too many new businesses, online and off, fail. I’ve actually heard as high as 99%. Makes the bad job market look great doesn’t it?

I see way too many people trying to start businesses without an accurate understanding of their market or even whether there’s any market at all.

They plunge in certain their idea will make it. They’re so sure they have a winner they never give a thought to doing any research.

They bank all of their hopes and dreams on a business idea that has one and only one possible outcome…failure.

Interesting points to note are …

Most of these entrepreneurs and freelancers aren’t business people by training. Many aren’t natural marketers. Many find the idea of sales abhorrent.

Lack of marketing or business skills need not be the reason they fail.

The skills of business, marketing and sales can be learned and/or outsourced. There is no reason for a business to fail because of a lack of skill. Most of these folks know that so they spend a ton of money on developing their skills or hiring people to do the work for them.

So what is the reason these businesses still fail.

Why? Because they’re in a bad market.

Through all that learning and coaching and hiring, nobody ever tells them, it’s just a bad market. The problem has nothing to do with them. it’s simply a bad market.

So what’s a bad market?

  • Nobody’s interested
  • There’s too much competition
  • They’re interested but not enough to pay for it

And a good market?

  • Lots of people are interested and looking for what you’ve got.
  • Low competition so you can shine.
  • They have money and they’re willing to spend it.

In the entire life of your business, nothing is more important than knowing the difference between the good niche markets and the bad ones, and knowing that before you’ve invested your precious time, money and energy in trying to build a business.

With good market research you eliminate the dud markets and identify ones that may have potential. Follow up on the good potential markets with some down and dirty testing, and you can identify a niche market in which you are very likely to succeed.

The services provided by new niche finder in this website is to educate you to being able to identify a profitable niche market and build a strong foundation upon which to build your business.  Over time, we will be updating the website to include training on the following:

Niche Reviews

One of the keys to building a successful business is to eliminate potential failures fast. That’s exactly what niche reviews are designed to do…identify and eliminate bad markets before you’ve wasted a whole lot of time, money and energy building a business that’s destined to fail.

The Goal = To identify a clearly defined niche market for your online business

What You’ll Be Learning is how to:

  • Brainstorm niche ideas
  • Learn why keyword research matters
  • How to quickly access niche markets
  • How to do in-depth keyword research
  • What you can learn from your competition
  • How to test a market effectively
  • How to install and use a basic WordPress site
  • How to do powerfully basic SEO
  • Planning your website
  • List building
  • How to use the competition to plan your approach
  • Learn about the most important factor in SEO – backlinks
  • Basic Stats & Tracking using Google Analytics & Rank Tracker
  • How to decide when to continue and when to stop

The Intended Outcomes
1. You will have freed yourself up to pursue profitable markets by eliminating the bright and shiny bad niches that have been seducing you into wasting your time, money and energy.
2. You will have identified and profitable niche market in which you can prosper, and you will have built a strong foundation upon which to build.

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