The #1 reason businesses fail…



Niche Finder


Here’s the good news …

There is no reason why your business need to fail as long as you educate yourself.  This website is dedicated to assisting you with your education and indeed, providing you with the inside knowledge to make sure you give yourself the best chance of being one of those business success stories!

Here’s the bad news…

> Without good market research,

It’s virtually impossible to build a strong business foundation.

>> Without a strong business foundation,

You can’t possibly build a strong, sustainably profitable business.

>>> Without a sustainable and profitable business
…well need I say more?

Now this isn’t everything you need to do to build a successful business, but without it you will certainly struggle.

With a well defined niche market based on good niche research, not just pulled out of the air because it sounded like a good idea at the time, you have something solid upon which to build a remarkable business.
The good news is…it’s not nearly as hard or as expensive as you might think

It used to be very complicated and expensive, often completely out of reach for small businesses, solo entrepreneurs and freelancers.

As the internet has matured, so have the tools and information available to any budding entrepreneur.

It’s now possible to get reliable and actionable data to do two things…

1. Eliminate those miserably empty and disappointing markets that do nothing other than sap your energy, your resources and your confidence.

The worst part is, many who might otherwise have succeeded and made profound contributions to the greater good, decide they’re just not cut out for this business thing…and we’re all so much poorer for it. All because they chose a bad market.

2. Points to the markets that actually have real potential.

Once you have identified markets with real potential, then you can test.  The simple equation is:


Research + Testing = Clearly Defined & Profitable Niche

The purpose of this website is to educate you in how to identify a profitable niche and then how to turn this into a profitable business idea.  This is the lifeblood of a business whether online or offline . . .