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My Recommended Niche Finding Mentoring Program – Bring the Fresh

Woman subscribing to Niche Finder Program Bring The FreshWhy Get Niche Finder Mentoring?  I Know What I Am Doing

If you believe you do not need niche finder mentoring, my first question to you is how much money are you making online?  If you are killing it that’s great.  If you are like I was and struggling to make your first dollar online, read on.  Having purchased a number of niche finder software programs, coaching programs and the latest new shiny toy without anything to show for it, I knew something had to change.  I was getting frustrated and my internet dream was turning into a nightmare, as despite having identified what I considered to be great niches I still could not earn any money online.

I knew I needed guidance and to find someone proven in the industry who would be able to assist me.  Someone who was DOING what all the ‘so-called’ experts say is easy.

My Lucky Niche Finder Break – A One-Off Webinar Run By Kelly Felix

Just when I was beginning to doubt if I could ever make money online, I was lucky enough to be invited to a webinar run by Kelly Felix and I was blown away by the honesty, integrity and the amount of proof of earnings and success provided.  I knew I needed niche finder help and this guy could seriously help me.  He just made sense.  I signed up for the Bring The Fresh program then and there.

My Bring The Fresh Niche Finder Review

So what has been my niche finder experience so far.  Firstly, as soon as you begin the program you can tell this guy and his colleagues really know their stuff and can explain it in a simple to follow manner.  The fast start guide and video tutorials in the program are very detailed and easy to follow.  But this is just the beginning and I would expect this with any mentoring program.  No, I needed more than this to convince me, and did they DELIVER.  The features that make me recommend it to you are:

  • First and foremost, as a result of following the steps in how to set up and rank a website I made my first affiliate sale online and how good did that FEEL.  I was buzzing when I opened up my clickbank account and saw it.
  • The Bring The Fresh system works in any niche and and the program shows you how to find a money-making niche.
  • The user forum itself is worth money alone.  Kelly himself is an active particpant in the forum and some of his most successful students are active users providing tips and tricks and helping out with any issues that you face.
  • The niche finder system is built to last with the focus on building automated, high ranking websites that are set up to show google they are authority websites in their niche.  These sites are built to withstand Penguin and Panda.
  • The information is constantly updated so this is not a bunch of videos made years ago that are no longer relevant.  This is current and cutting edge niche finder information.
  • Kelly provides his personal email and skype address.  You MUST be able to contact your mentor and this program allows this.
  • There is a very exciting ‘done for you’ website program which guarantees you a page one google website in your niche.  I have done this and quite simply it works.  You can then copy the set up of this website and use it for any other niche of your choosing.  I would recommend if you had the budget that you go straight to this option as it will really fast-track your knowledge and success.

Bring The Fresh Review Conclusion

Quite simply, Bring The Fresh is a niche finder mentoring program aimed at showing you how to build a sustainable, long term successful internet business.  If you are willing to take action, follow the steps as shown and follow the program through no matter what roadblocks you come across, this program is ideal for you.  And of course, for your peace of mind it comes with a money back guarantee.  If you are serious though this will be one of the best investments you make.  Life is defined by taking advantage of opportunities that come across your path and following them through.  Click here, for your opportunity.



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