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NewNicheFinder.com – the case for research & testing

This may be stating the obvious but last week’s post (New Niche Finder in 2010) is really an attempt to model for you how research and testing makes a difference.

I started NewNicheFinder.com in June of 2009 thinking I was going to be offering one kind of service when in fact the market turned out to need something quite different.

Yes the keywords I’ve targeted are strong and I am getting the results I expected in terms of traffic, subscriptions and sales, but I can improve on those results by targeting the specific needs of my visitors.

Honestly, I never would have known what needed to change without testing the market. It was being out there and interacting with my ideal clients that has created the focus for the offers I’m preparing now, and those offers may need to be tested as well.

It’s also shown me how I’m really getting 2 kinds of traffic and the site is being restructured to address the primary needs of both groups of visitors in a way that’s clearly focused for each.

People finding me via search are looking for tools and will find the best niche software, Market Samurai*, front and center.

The other group may or may not want to buy Market Samurai* but what they do want is education, support and services. These folks are coming primarily via direct referrals from other businesses I’m networking and partnering with, and the content of the blog is going to be much more important for first time visitors.

Is there overlap? Sure, there’s a lot of overlap but each group comes to the site looking for something slightly different…and very specific. Knowing which is which, and giving them exactly what they came for can make a huge difference to how well NewNicheFinder.com ultimately does.

It’s the difference between someone getting to the site, seeing exactly what they’re looking for and sticking around, and those who don’t find exactly what they’re looking for and go away with their needs unmet.

So my challenge to you dear reader is to be thinking about where things might be getting a little fuzzy for your visitors, and how you can present yourself with laser like clarity.

Don’t know? Then TEST.

There is always something to test…landing pages, headlines, copy, price. Engage your visitors, subscribers and customers in conversation…call them up if you have a phone number. Do a survey.

*Just keeping the FTC happy. I am an affiliate for Market Samurai. I know this is really shocking but if you buy it I do get paid a commission.


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  1. admin Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I recommend Market Samurai which is absolutely the best keyword research tool on the market.