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Don’t Wait! The 30 Day Challenge begins tonight…

I just want to make sure you know about these resources…

# 1 The 30 Day Challenge begins on Saturday…the launch party is actually this evening at 8:30 pm EDT on 30 Day Challenge TV.

This is where I began to learn the nuts and bolts of internet marketing, SEO, WordPress…and where I was introduced to Market Samurai for online market research.

This is totally focused on beginners though I always learn new stuff too.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, I highly recommend you follow along…best part it’s totally free.

# 2 If you’re a hardcore geek who wants to stay tuned to the cutting edge in internet marketing plus get awesome tools at your fingertips including some amazing software like Market Samurai, then get yourself over to the Immediate Edge.

I love having a team of geeks working on my behalf. This membership is worth thousands of dollars a month and you get it all for $97/month. Amazing!

These are some of the resources I use regularly so don’t waste another minute…

If you’re new to internet marketing, get a solid foundation from
the 30 Day Challenge.

If you’ve been around for a while and want the best and brightest sharing their current research and recommendations, join the Immediate Edge.


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