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Evaluating Keyword Competition Numbers

So let’s take a look at the numbers in the organic foods market.

I’ve already pulled up the numbers in Market Samurai* so I’ll sort them with the lowest competing keywords first.

Basically what I’m looking for here is the lowest amount of competition with the highest possible traffic. The targets I initially filter for are 100 SEOT (the # of visitors if you’re in position #1) and no more than 100,000 competing sites (SEOC).

Let’s see what we’ve got…

Market Samurai

What we have are 16 keywords that meet the 100+ SEOT/<100,000 SEOC. Pretty cool huh? But there's more...these keywords are for Broad Match which means those words could be in any order or they could be in any order combined with other words. That can make a huge difference so you want to check Phrase Match numbers as well. That means searchers are looking for those specific words. They may type in other words as well but the phrase appears in their search. (Just the phrase and nothing else would be an Exact Match).

So let’s do that and see what we have. I still like to see a 100 SEOT score but sometimes let it drop to 91 which is still pretty close.

So this is what comes up…

Niche Research

We lost quite a few didn’t we?

The good news is that these are about as accurate as you can get in predicting the traffic potential for any given keyword, and right now we have a list of 8 possible keywords (plus our seed keyword in brown).

But we’re still not done. We still have to determine relevancy and evaluate the strength of the competition, but we’ll leave that until next time.

Up next…Sorting for Relevancy

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