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Google Instant, Keyword Research & SEO

Have you ever noticed how many windstorms there are in internet marketing? Windstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes change the landscape of the internet on what seems like a daily basis. Almost all of them instigated by the Big-G, Google.

At times, Google resembles the worst of the worst crazymakers…you know the kind that builds you up again and again only to cut you off at the knees the minute you begin moving toward success. (If you missed the reference to crazymakers, check out Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way)

That’s probably a rather apt description, but Google also has some moments of pure genius.

It may be a while before we really know if Google Instant is best described as genius or annoyance. I’ve heard regular folks who love it and regular folks who hate it. For the most part internet marketers are seeing it as an opportunity which means learning how to take advantage.

Here are a couple of articles you may find helpful. The bottom line is that in order to thrive with Google Instant, the more detailed and focused you are in your choice of keywords the better. That’s not new, just ever more important.

From Marketing Pilgrim, there’s How Google Instantly Made the Long Tail More Important for SEOs

Google Instant removes the need to commit. So, what does that mean for SEOs? Two important things:

1. Your page Titles are going to need to be even more compelling than before. You need to not only attract the searcher to your listing, but you have to get them to commit to the search query. That’s going to take a lot of engagement on your part.
2. You really do need to take a close look at what long tail keywords Google Instant suggests. Make sure you have a page ranked for all the important variations. Show up, no matter what final keyword string the searcher commits to.

And from Search Engine Journal, 6 Ways to Ensure Better Rankings in Google Instant

1. Include a Keyword in Your Brand Name
2. Start Thinking Like Searchers Think
3. Include Google Suggest as a Keyword Research Tool
4. Get Locally Optimized for Generic Keywords
5. Make Sure Your Online Reputation is Clean
6. Dominate Search Results with Multimedia

Ideally you want a page up for every term but if time is tight, Market Samurai will help you prioritize by telling you which keyword phrases to focus on. Run everything through so you can begin with the keywords with the most searches and the least amount of competition. If they’re relevant, add the low priority keywords to your tags (something else we need to talk about, yes?)


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