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What Google Instant Means for Keyword Research & SEO

It’s still early to tell for sure but the usual ‘SEO is dead’ crowd is wailing like Chicken Little, while smart marketers are looking for the opportunities.

If you haven’t done a Google search in the past few days or you live in Australia, you may have missed it, but here’s what all the fuss is about…

Google just introduced Google Instant. The minute you begin to type in a search term, Google begins to fill it in and provide you with a list of additional options. Not only do you see additional search terms but you also see immediate results. Additional search terms at the bottom of the page also update immediately.

From a searchers perspective, this is very cool because it’s faster and provides options that might not have occurred to you. As to marketing and SEO, I’m going to come down on the side of those saying this is a huge opportunity.

One article below suggests that the long tail is going to be even more important and I suspect that’s true. Targeting long tail keywords has always been a top notch strategy for ranking and they certainly add depth to your site. It looks like Google is now telling us which long tails we should target.

So here’s what to do…
1. Do a Google search for your main category keywords
2. Make a list of any relevant terms that Google shows as you’re typing
3. And check out the the ‘Searches related…’ at the bottom of the page and add any relevant terms to your list
4. Then plug them all into Market Samurai to see which ones look the best
5. Prioritize the list and start creating content for each term

I haven’t talked a lot about the long tails here so I’ll do that soon, but essentially they’re keyword phrases with multiple words that get less traffic but also have significantly less competition which makes them much easier to rank for.

If you start ranking for a lot of long tail keywords, you will start getting a significant amount of traffic from those keywords AND the category keywords they relate to. With Google Instant, Google is telling us exactly what long tails they think relate and that’s always worth paying attention to.

I’m sure there will be more in coming weeks about how to use this, but this should get you started.

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