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Google’s Gameplaying Creates Problems for Market Samurai

Update – All clear. Things do appear to have settled down and everything is working again as it should. And please read my comment below on how the Rank Tracker Module in Market Samurai saved the day…well worth the upgrade folks.

Bottom line = Don’t try or buy Market Samurai right now because Google is making the key features in Market Samurai unusable.

I am always extremely cautious about recommending any product. My reputation rides on it.

I love Market Samurai. It has made my online marketing life so much easier and I have been promoting it for the past year.

I also know the folks at Market Samurai are top notch. No slime bags there, and they know their stuff when it comes to designing software.

Unfortunately, Market Samurai is dependent on being able to get data from Google. Over the past few months Google has been changing how that data gets delivered, and in some cases if it gets delivered. Right now Google is not delivering the data so Market Samurai is not functioning as it should.

So for those of you who are exploring Market Samurai for the first time, please wait before signing up for the trial version. If you try it now, you’ll be disappointed, I’ll look like a flim flam artist, and Market Samurai will look like a bogus product which it definitely is not.

It’s not like Google isn’t always changing. They are but more often than not the changes are slow and often unnoticeable. Recently The changes at Google have been massive and disruptive to us as marketers and also to our customers. Google professes a dedication to quality and serving our customers as well as we serve them. Assuming that is still true, we can hope they will get their act together and start providing real service again.

For now, however, that is not the case. So please don’t sign up for the trial of Market Samurai right now.

In the meantime, I’d encourage you to check out their training videos. Not only do these guys know how to design software, they are also marketing experts who are well worth listening to.

Market Samurai Training Videos

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