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Market Samurai Gets Even Better

I love these guys and the niche software they provide. I don’t use much else for keyword research but I do have some other means of tracking what’s happening on my various niche sites.

Over the past week, Market Samurai was way ahead of the curve in responding to Google’s changes. If their tweets are any indication, most of the staff was sick this week and they still managed to respond ahead of everyone else. I’d say that’s mighty impressive.

Not only have they kept up with the changes at Google (I kind of like the new search results page yes?). Today they announced some serious improvements. I’m especially excited about the dropdown tabs menu. Yeah!!!

Here is a portion of the email I got this morning…


The past week has seen some big updates for Market Samurai!

Here are some of the changes you’ll notice when you update your
copy of Market Samurai…

Making Market Samurai Easier to Use

Many of the latest changes we have made are based on your feedback
around Market Samurai’s user interface.

These improvements are designed to help you navigate and use Market

– Tab Navigation Menu: To help you switch between tabs quickly,
we’ve added a new drop-down bar that lets you navigate between tabs.

– Shift + Click selection: A highly requested feature – you can now
use Shift + Click to select multiple keywords or URLs.

– Low Data Keywords: To best reflect the data returned from Google,
keywords will now display “-” next to data when Google shows “Not
Enough Data”.

We also were forced to make one big change…

Google Search Page Changes

Last Friday, Google changed its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

This required a major update to Market Samurai to keep up with how
data was displayed and ensure results were returned to you.

– Keyword Research: Reworked to access SEOC and SEOTC data from

– SEO Competition: Updated to interpret the first results page and
bring you data on the Top 10 results, along with videos, news and
local results.

– Rank Tracker: Revamped to track rankings within Google’s new
results interface.

We hope you enjoy these latest improvements!

All the best,


Alex Green
Noble Samurai

This is the kind of service I’ve come to expect from Market Samurai because they always deliver. These new changes do make Market Samurai easier to use.

I invite you to check it out for yourself.

Market Samurai

P.S. If you sign up for the free trial version of Market Samurai and want to buy, wait for the $97 offer. That’s the lowest price you’ll see. Remember even if you don’t buy, you’ll get to keep the keyword research module.

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