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More Free Training in Keyword Research

By now I’m sure you know that I think Market Samurai is the best keyword research tool on the market. Most of the recent screenshots here have been of Market Samurai research results so you’ve already gotten a taste.

Here’s what you may not know…Market Samurai has some of the best keyword research training videos I’ve ever seen. If you’ve been following along here at New Niche Finder, you know I’m on a mission to educate, and these videos are great even if you don’t use the software (you can sign up for a free trial and keep the keyword research module for free and forever even if you don’t buy the software).

So in line with my mission to educate, here are the training videos I recommend. All of them augment what I’ve been teaching over the past few weeks so I hope they’ll reinforce and deepen your understanding of what all this keyword stuff is about.

Introduction to Keyword Research

Golden Rule #1: How to Find Relevant Keywords

Golden Rule #2: How to Find High Traffic Keywords

P.S. Just in case you do want to buy Market Samurai,, download and install the free trial and then wait for the discount offer of $97. That’s the absolutely lowest price you’ll ever see.

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