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New Niche Finder – 8 Places to Brainstorm Niche Ideas

Once you get into the habit of looking for niche ideas, coming up with them really isn’t that hard. They’re everywhere, and you’ll start coming up with them in the course of your daily life.

However, when you’re just starting out, you may need to prime the pump a bit. So here is a list of places to go to get niche ideas before you start doing any keyword research.

1. NingNing for finding your niche

2. Facebook

3. You Tube

4. E-How

5. Twitter

6. Google Trends

7. Google Insights

8. Amazon

Okay, no excuses. There are plenty of places to get niche ideas. Go check each of these sites and jot down any ideas that strike you as interesting.

HINT: I keep a text file open on my computer for jotting down ideas as they occur to me in the course of the day.

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