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New Niche Finder in 2010

Happy New Year!

As we finish this first week back, I’d like to bring you up to speed with where NewNicheFinder.com is and what’s coming up for the beginning of 2010.

Over the past couple of months I got really busy doing keyword research reports for folks from Mark Silver’s Business Oasis*, and it has changed everything I thought I was doing.

Yup, that’s what testing will do for you.

So you’ll be seeing some changes around here over the next few weeks and months. Changes I hope will serve you better when it comes to defining profitable niche markets for your business and will help you develop those niche ideas into profitable streams of income.

Here’s what I learned from doing so many of those reports back to back.

1. The information isn’t enough without in depth education about how to use it.

2. That means I can’t possible deliver what’s needed for what I was charging. Good thing to know but it created another dilemma…how to provide what’s needed in a cost effective manner.

3. Jumping into in-depth keyword reports is premature when businesses are exploring niche markets. In other words there was a step missing which I intend to fill.

4. Providing niche research is more than just doing the research. I found the back and forth conversation going on with my clients that was very helpful. It was more than helpful. I think all of them would say it was essential.

Rather than getting a list of keywords they didn’t really know how to use, they got results that helped them define their markets, stop struggling with bad markets, and move forward with great markets. By the time they had the information in hand, they also had a good idea of how to use it.

5. Though I hate delivering bad news, realistic information about the prospects for their business niche ideas was invaluable. Having experienced that myself with How to Survive Your Grief, it shouldn’t have been surprising, but several people I worked with expressed relief in knowing what they could expect and what they would need to do in order to succeed even when the news wasn’t particularly hopeful.

With information in hand they could make good strategic decisions about how to proceed. Knowledge is power and there are few places where it is more valuable than when you’re starting or expanding a business. This is where most businesses fail…right back here at the beginning…and it’s usually because they don’t know their market.

The bottom line…doing the research and delivering the report falls way short of what most businesses need. In some cases doing it like that may do more harm than good…a little bit of info can be worse than no info.

The changes that are coming will provide various levels of service from quick niche reviews to in depth research to strategic planning and partnership.

Stay tuned for the specifics as I roll this all out.

I hope I’ll be able to help you build the thriving and meaning filled business you deserve in 2010.

* Just so you know…I will make a small commission if you signup.

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