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New Niche Finder on Stats & Tracking

Since this site is all about finding a niche for your online business, part of the research that needs to be done is figuring out whether you can get traffic to your site and whether your visitors will buy something.

That means testing the research. In this phase you need to be watching the numbers carefully to see if you’re on track. Lots of clues are available long before you make your first sale or get your first subscriber so you really need to be on top of this during the early development of your site.

Later these numbers will keep you focused on exactly what you need to be doing to grow your business. Which stats you track will depend on where you are in your business development…trying to generate traffic, building a list or making sales etc.

The easiest way to check stats is to use Google Analytics and Market Samurai’s Rank Tracker which give you comprehensive information about your site. Google Analytics is free, but if you don’t have Market Samurai there are other options (see below).

Google Analytics will tell you about your traffic. Market Samurai will tell you everything else except sales and subscribers. AWeber (or your broadcast system of choice), your affiliate program or your shopping cart will show you those.

Here are the tools you need to be using to track your stats…

1. Google Analytics for traffic, sources, number of visitors and visitor behavior.

You need to set up an analytics account and then place a bit of code with your tracking number on your site. If you’re using WordPress there are some great plugins that do this for you. All you have to do is add your tracking number. (I use Google Analytics for WordPress).

2. Market Samurai for everything else other than sales and subscribers. You can also manually check your position in the SERPs, PR, and backlinks.

Market Samurai’s Comprehensive Rank Tracker Results…

Niche Finder image -Market Samurai's Comprehensive Rank Tracker

Market Samurai’s Matrix Compares Your Site to the Competition…

Niche Finder image -Market Samurai's Matrix Compares Your Site to the Competition

Use your Firefox browser with the Rank Checker add on for position in the SERPs…

Niche finder image - Rank Checker Results
Use Firefox with the Search Status add on for PR. This information shows up in your Status Bar…

niche finder image - Search Status
To manually check your backlinks, useYahoo Site Explorer…

niche finder image - Yahoo Site Explorer
To be honest, I use all of these depending on the circumstance. Sometimes manually is faster when I just want one piece of information, but I collect it all at least once a week.

3. To track your Subscribers and Sales you need to use the specific programs you’re using.

Most will send you email notification (set up a rule to sort these emails into specific folders and you’ll have a running count)

For subscribers, use your email broadcasting system for the number of subscribers (I recommend AWeber).

For sales use your shopping cart (I use PayPal). If you’re selling affiliate products you’ll get sales figures from each individual program.

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