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Niche Finder Definition – Anchor Text

Now this is one I just didn’t get for the longest time. I kept hearing people talk about anchor text but I just didn’t get it. Maybe that’s you too.

It really is a simple thing so here goes…

Anchor text is the text of the link back to your site.

Yesterday I talked about backlinks and why they’re important. Not only does Google want to see links back to your site, but Google also uses the text of the links to tell them what your site is about.

Which version of anchor text do you think will give you the most juice?

a) http://www.sitename.com (as in a generic url that does not clearly identify your subject matter, product or business)

b) http://www.yourkeyword.com

c) your keyword (clickable link in the copy)

d) Click here

e) Read more

In their own way all are different versions of anchor text, all 5 give you a link, but only one makes it crystal clear to Google and the reader what content lies at the other end of that link.

Option ‘a’ gives you a link but doesn’t really tell Google or potential visitors what you’re about.

Options ‘d’ and ‘e’ also say absolutely nothing about your site.

Options ‘b’ and ‘c’ give you an identifiable link and both have the keyword in them (because you bought a domain that includes your keyword, yes?) but clearly ‘your keyword’ as a clickable link (or hyperlink) is absolutely the clearest expression of where that link is taking the reader.

So the best anchor text is option ‘c’, your keyword as a clickable link.

Unfortunately you only have a limited amount of control over how other websites link to you, but whenever you have the chance to influence the choice, use the keyword.


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