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Niche Research Nuggets

In December I did an intro call for the folks in the Business Oasis*. I’ve edited that recording down to 31 minutes of nuggets to help you get started with your own niche research.

If you get nothing else from this audio, I hope you get the #1 reason so many businesses struggle and fail. You’ll find it 3 minutes in.

You will also hear about ways you can test niche markets, why you need to be tracking metrics, the criteria I use when researching keywords, the difference between broad match keywords and phrase match, and more.

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1. I talk about the number of Adwords advertisers being an indicator of commercial viability. At the time of the recording Market Samurai* included that number, but since Google is no longer making that information available you now have to go to the search engine results page (SERP) for the phrase match keyword to actually see how many advertisers there are.

2. I also mention Yahoo Site Explorer for checking backlinks but neglected say that this information is accessible directly from Market Samurai.


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