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Niche Finder Definition – SEO

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

SEO is about getting your site ranking high in Google’s SERPS.

It revolves around keywords, keyword placement and site structure in an attempt to appeal to Google’s algorithm.


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  1. A Big Aha Moment...for you too I hope! | Prospering Biz Says:

    […] My thing is online market research using keyword and competition research for SEO… […]

  2. admin Says:


    There’s been a lot of confusion expressed about what SEO really is. The definition above is technically correct but it doesn’t clarify what so many are getting so wrong.

    So I thought you might like to check out some other posts in which I address some of the misconceptions about SEO

    I hate it when people say keyword research doesn’t matter

    SEO is not a 4 letter word

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