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Sorting for Relevancy

Here’s the list of 8 keywords meeting our numerical criteria for phrase match traffic and competition in the organic foods market.

Market Samurai

Even with only 8 keywords there’s still some diversity here so not all of them will be good for what we want to do.

How to move on from here really depends on what you’re intending to do on your site and what you want to sell.

If you’re going into competition with Whole Foods (BTW a great company to work for – I used to work for them), you’d probably be most interested in the organic food store keywords which are really the majority here.

If you plan to sell an information product on organic foods, you might not be interested in those store words. Based on this list, I’d start again with a more focused seed keyword to see if I could find a cluster of more relevant keywords.

If you want to write something about growing organic foods or selling organic garden supplies, the only keyword here is organic pesticides and you might very well want to create an info product on that topic or sell those kinds of products. I would still try to find a few more specific to that topic by starting again with another seed keyword like organic gardening.

Or if you’re not too terribly attached to this market which is always the best approach, you might consider an entirely different market. Or you might go back to the longer list and see if any ideas pop for you, and see where those take you.

The point here is that you want keywords that are a good match for your business. Relevancy matters and you need to be ruthless about culling the keywords that don’t fit.


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