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The Surprises in Keyword Research

So here are some examples of what you’ll find when you do some keyword research in your niche market.

Let’s go back to the organic food example.

When I did a search on organic foods in Market Samurai (IMHO the best keyword & niche research tool on the market).

I just want to show you the range so you can see how important it is to do this kind of online market research. Though you may be able to guess some of the results especially at the high end, I’d be willing to bet you’ll be surprised along the way.

So here is the high end of the top 198 keywords that came back for organic foods…

keyword research

And here is the low end…

keyword research

I don’t know about you but I would have expected more than 4 or 5 searches a day for “most important foods to buy organic” and “pros and cons of organic foods”. Just shows how you should never guess because there are always surprises.

And those are just the 5 keywords on either end of the spectrum. There are 188 keywords in between these 2 extremes. Some will be useful in this market and some will not. Some will have the right kind of numbers and others won’t. That’s why you do the research.

Some notes about the data…

– These are all daily figures.

– Searches refer to the total number of daily searches, and the SEOT (SEO Traffic) refers to the numbers of visitors you’re likely to get if your site is in position #1 for that keyword.

– You can do searches specific to any location or language but in this case the results are for English and All Countries.

Please let me know how this is landing for you. Is it making sense? Or are you just getting more confused?

Talk soon,

New Niche Finder's Susan Fuller

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