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Have you found your sweet spot yet?

Sweet spot? What’s that?

It’s that spot where your passion for what you offer and the needs of the people you serve intersect.


It’s really that simple, so why does it go so terribly wrong for so many people when they take their businesses online?

The experience of strangers passing in the night is far too common. It’s so frustrating and discouraging when all you want to do is help people, but you’re never able to make a connection with the people who need you most.

The most common reason businesses fail online is because they fail to do any market research, and online market research is the only way to identify a profitable niche (the sweet spot). I’ve made this mistake more times than I care to count, and I see other people doing exactly the same thing. Don’t be that person.

In order to succeed online, it is absolutely essential for you to identify what your clients want and what they’re actually searching for, and then go meet them where they are…in the Google search results (organic search and pay-per-click)

Even with a good list of keywords, you may still end up missing your potential customers if there is too much competition for those phrases.

Think of it like a crowded room…

In a room packed with people, you may see the person you want to meet, but you may not be able to get across the room to actually meet them.

On the other hand there’s no one to meet in an empty room. You don’t want to be there either.

The best place to be is the room that’s filled with the people you want to meet, but has enough room for you to move around and actually mingle.

And when you do meet them, you have a choice…talk about yourself or find out about them. Whether you’re at a party or marketing online, reaching out to find out about someone is always going to make a much stronger connection than talking about yourself.

Online market research combines keyword research and competition research so you know before you ever head out the door (or put up your website)…where to go, who to meet and a little bit about them before you do. Beats the hell out of cold calling don’t you think?

So in order to find the sweet spot for your business, you want to know…

1. What your potential clients are searching for…the actual keywords they’re using.

2. How much competition there is for those keywords…too much and it takes too long to compete…too little and it’s probably not worth your time.

3. You also want to have an idea of whether the keywords you’re targeting have any commercial value. Some with all the right numbers are complete and utter duds.

This information will tell you what products and services to offer, how to talk about your products and services, and how to get your site to communicate clearly with Google (Yahoo & MSN too).

Knowing everything you can about your keywords and your competition solves the majority of problems facing new online businesses…and many established ones.


“But, but…I just want to do the work. I don’t want to be some techno geek. I don’t have time to learn all that. Besides my eyes glaze over every time I try.”


I get it, and lucky for you, I’m a closet geek and have been for a very long time. I probably first heard about internet marketing somewhere around 2001. I don’t remember exactly but it was around that time.

Since then I have learned all of that impossibly geeky stuff like how to design websites & blogs, send broadcasts, use shopping carts and all the rest. I must say some of my early efforts were pretty bad and I’ve been down more than a few dead ends, but I am persistent and I love figuring this stuff out (and I have). Go figure.

Let me tell you websites, shopping carts and autoresponders are minor compared to the big stuff I’ve learned…keyword research, online market research and SEO (more on that in a moment).

Finding keywords has always been relatively easy. Finding the right ones and knowing what to do with them, not so much. Learning how to evaluate keywords so you find the right ones for your niche market and then knowing exactly what to do with them is the most important part of all, and the most challenging.

Then there are the blogging platforms. I am proficient in Typepad and WordPress (the #1 choice) and I know how to optimize them. SEO or search engine optimization just means learning to speak Google’s language so your website and Google can communicate. For all the reputed complexity (not to mention misinformation), the basics are pretty simple and extremely powerful once you know what to do.

So as of June 2009, I am out of the closet in all my geeky glory providing web business services and online business consulting/coaching for reluctant and technically challenged entrepreneurs who really just want to focus on providing great service to their clients and customers.

To celebrate I am rolling out New Niche Finder that will provide online market research (keyword, competition & commercial value research) for you, and show you exactly what you need to do with the information once you have it (not very useful otherwise is it?).

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