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The Answer

Okay, here’s the answer…Competition.

You need to know a few things about your competition.

1. How much is there? This is just about the numbers. How many people are competing for that keyword?

2. How strong is the competition? This is about how well respected your competition is in the eyes of Google. This is determined through looking at things like Page Rank, Domain Age, Backlinks, and on page use of the keyword.

Today let’s just talk about the numbers.

I haven’t looked yet at the competition numbers in the organic food market, so let’s do that now…

Niche Research

When you consider that my criteria for the number of competing sites is around 100,000 (maybe up to about 130,000 as an outside figure), you can see these high traffic terms are really way way too competitive for you to get any traction.

If you went after these keywords, your site would be buried in the search results (SERPs). I’ve been buried on page 91 (position 900 and something) and it’s not pretty.

These keywords with the high search numbers and high competition are broad market terms but they will never send you traffic.

Well, they might send you traffic in 10 years or so. That is if you work very hard at it between now and then. Do you have that kind of time?

Didn’t think so! In order to get traffic in a relatively short period of time, you need to find keywords with lower competition. Yes, those keywords will get fewer searches, but they will give YOU more visitors.

Think of it this way, as explained by Ed Dale wise purveyor of such information and reader of the Art of War*

When you head into battle, you do not attack the center of your opponent’s army. You attack the fringe first, and that is exactly what we’re doing here. We are attacking the fringe. We are looking for keywords, niche keywords, we can actually use to win page #1 ranking, position #1 ranking, traffic, sales and profit (the point of all this, yes?)

Next up: Evaluating Keyword Competition Numbers

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