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Tips for making the most of Market Samurai

I still love Market Samurai and use it all the time. The rank tracker module alone is worth having this niche software installed.

That said Market Samurai sometimes has issues. Often the issues are related to changes with how Google reports data but not always.

Here are some tips I’ve learned for optimizing your Market Samurai experience…

1. MS takes a whole lot of computing power so the amount of RAM on your computer matters…the more the better. Older, slower computers are also difficult.

2. Quit all other applications when running MS. Especially don’t try to run Firefox, Screenflow or Tweetdeck at the same time. In my experience these 3 cause the most problems. Also anything else connecting to the web…browsers, iTunes, Evernote etc.

3. If that doesn’t help then go into Preferences and uncheck proxy servers which does speed things up considerably. It does create the potential for Google to ban your access for a few hours if you’re doing a lot of searches close together, but it is much, much faster.

4. Other ways of working with it is to cut down on the volume of keywords you’re researching at one time. Grab keywords from Google’s Keyword Tool directly or from Wordtracker then copy and paste 10-20 at a time into MS.

5. Also when you analyze keywords, only check the boxes you absolutely need. As you filter out bad keywords, you’ll end up with a shorter list of possible keywords. Then you can expand the information you collect to identify the best.

6. At MS’s suggestion I also reinstalled my system software. That helped some.

Hope these suggestions help anyone who is having problems using Market Samurai. It’s still my keyword research software of choice.

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