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When a little bit of knowledge is definitely dangerous

There’s another kind of reaction I’ve been getting recently that is just as disturbing as the ones I mentioned yesterday. These are the reactions from people who are just getting ready to launch their websites or have done so recently.

Most of these fall into the category of a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing…

These folks have got it into their heads that keyword research and search engine optimization are something you do after your site is up. The prevailing view is that I can then do something (they know not quite what) to their site to make it rank in Google.

Yikes! This is more ass end backwards nonsense that’s been perpetrated on the unsuspecting and ignorant online businessperson by the so called “SEO experts”.

Yes, if you have a website up it can be improved by keyword research and adding keywords to your copy and tags, but this is the worst way to go about it.

The best way is to do your keyword research first and build your site around those keywords.

So rather than adding stuff on to your site which almost always looks like it was added on, you build a site from the foundation up. The advantages are that you build into your site a consistency and cohesiveness that’s hard to create after the fact, and this has a huge impact on how Google views your site in organic search and it impacts the kind of quality score they give your ppc.


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