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Why Some Products Sell Strong (and Others Wither)

I’ve been following Dave Navarro recently (congrats on quitting the day job). He’s got some wonderful free workbooks at The Launch Coach.

This post particularly grabbed me because I recently shared Ed Dale’s Magnificent Symphony in 4 Parts, and niche research is so very important.

Here’s Dave’s take on it…

What really predicts success or failure is the answer to one simple product-related question. The problem is, most marketers are asking the wrong question … and their sales are stagnant because of it.

Here’s the wrong question (that you’ve probably asked a dozen times).

The wrong question, without fail, is “What product do I want to create?” The tricky thing, though, is that a question like that doesn’t sound wrong at all. It sounds like it makes complete sense. It’s the exact question I asked when I started out on this product-creating journey.

I mean, there’s stuff you’re good at, there’s stuff you can teach people, right? Why shouldn’t you start cranking out products based on your expertise? Isn’t that what’s going to sell?

The sad answer to that is “probably not.” And here’s why.

Check out the rest at Why Some Products Sell Strong (and Others Wither)


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