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Use WP Konversion WordPress Theme to Get Conversions in Your Niche

Couple increasing conversions in their new nicheOnce you have decided on your niche and set up your website and social media profile, you want to attract people and convert them into active users.  By active user you may want them to:

  • Opt-in to your mailing list
  • Like your facebook page
  • Buy your product or the product you are promoting

The lifeblood of your business will be a high level of conversions and I am excited about this new WordPress theme created by Simon Greenhalgh called WP Konversion as it socially engages your viewer and really focusses on your target audience.  This is especially powerful if you combine your strategy with a facebook PPC campaign as it is a great way to kick-start building authority in your niche.

I have had early access to this theme and it is extremely powerful.  It officially launches at 9:00am on 25th July EST and you can access it by clicking on this link.  If you get in early you will get the theme for less than $10 which includes a training video on how use the theme and how to run the landing pages right inside Facebook to reduce traffic costs.

There are two upgrade offers.

  • The first is a training video on how to set up a facebook CPA campaign using the WP Konversion theme.
  • The second are secret campaign case studies where you look over Simon’s shoulder as he sets up a number of Facebook CPA campaigns that you can copy or modify.

This is a great new theme which you can get cheaply if you get in early and comes with a 30 day guarantee.  if you want to boost your conversions in your new niche, I suggest you try out WP Konversion risk-free.

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