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A confession – how I know what I say I know

When I began really learning about online business and internet marketing, I knew a lot about building an offline business and about retailing, but nothing about websites, keywords, SEO and PPC.

I went looking for teachers and found what you’re probably finding…lots of people willing to take your money and teach you nothing useful. It’s actually gotten worse since 2001…now they’re all teaching the same rehashed information that worked back in 2001 (only a slight exaggeration) but may or may not be working now in 2009.

There is a tremendous amount of fraud out there, and I stayed in a safe community of coaches for a very long time because it was scary out there. I also realized that to build the kind of business I wanted, I really did need to learn more from the internet marketing experts.

I went down some dead ends, and I was and continue to be very, very skeptical. You should be skeptical too. No matter what I teach you, I want you to test it out and make it your own. Don’t just take my word for it.

When I discovered good teachers, I didn’t take what they said as gospel. I took what they taught and experimented with it and tested it in unrelated markets…birdhouses, auto products, fondue pots, house and garden products etc. Some worked, some didn’t but through it all I was learning how to select keywords, set up a website quickly and easily (forget major design initiatives), and get ranked in Google.

It’s taken over 2 years to really feel confident in what I’m teaching you, and that confidence comes directly from testing everything I’ve learned, and proving to myself that I could get on page 1 in Google.

My promise to you is to share only what I have tested myself, and to be clear when I’m sharing something new and hypothetical that still needs testing.


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