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So which do you do first?

Yesterday’s question was which do you do first…email, Twitter, Facebook, stats or create content?

#1 best answer…Check Your Stats

Now maybe I’m getting ahead of you on this. Maybe you’re not even sure what stats are (stay with me and I’ll explain), but if you’re starting an online business, I want to see you developing good habits from the very beginning.

I’m also introducing this idea now because it is of huge importance when you’re testing a new niche market. In order to test effectively you need to know what you want to happen and then set markers for evaluating your results…ie your stats.

But first things first…

I don’t like being told to do something without understanding why I should be doing it. If I don’t understand why, I tend not to view it as important and I don’t do it. I bet that’s you too so here it goes.

The reason you check your stats first thing is because it tells you what you need to do that day.

For example, if your traffic is declining, you probably want to do something to generate more traffic to your site. If your traffic is increasing, you may want to work on improving your sales letter or setting up a test to compare 2 different versions of your sales letter.

Another example is if you’re goal is to get your site to #1 in the Google SERPs, then you probably want to be looking at the number of backlinks you have and where they’re coming from.

Your stats tell you what’s been happening on your site. You compare what’s happening to what you want to happen and that tells you exactly what you need to do today to move things in the right direction.

More tomorrow on what stats you need to be checking and where you’re going to find that info.

BTW the #2 best answer…Create Content
As for creating content, this is the heart and soul of your business online so it’s something you need to be doing every day. Some of us really need to do it first or it doesn’t get done so if your way of working means you have to do your creative work first, then by all means do it first…then go check your stats.


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