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Key Word Finder Research That Works

Key Word Finder Research That Works Good keyword finder research is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects in identifying your niche. Performed correctly, the key words identified can be ranking on the first page of google within a few months which is a great entry into your chosen niche and is the […]

Good News & Bad News re: Market Samurai

Okay, here’s the deal… A couple of months ago now, Google changed how Market Samurai could access their keyword tool and their traffic estimator tool. Ever since that time there have been problems using the keyword research module. For the most part, these problems have involved speed, or lack there of, and the hijacking of […]

Google Instant, Keyword Research & SEO

Have you ever noticed how many windstorms there are in internet marketing? Windstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes change the landscape of the internet on what seems like a daily basis. Almost all of them instigated by the Big-G, Google. At times, Google resembles the worst of the worst crazymakers…you know the kind that builds you up […]