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When It Comes to Finding a Niche, Do Your Due Diligence

As promised, here is some research I did on the free niche ideas being sent to me via email from one of my competitors. You know the ones that are going to make me a million bucks. Yeah right! Just the fact they’re giving them away for free ought to be a clue.

Well for this particular site there were 2-3 (depending on your criteria) keywords out of the 49 I had received. So a word to the wise…

Online Market Research – The Magnificent Symphony in 4 Parts

This is the single most important business lesson you will ever have. Period. Even if you don’t do The Challenge, watch this video and please take the lesson to heart. I’ve made every mistake he talks about so I know from first hand experience how vitally important it is to get these things in the […]

What Does Google Think Your Site is About?

Have you checked recently to see what Google thinks your site is about? If you never did any niche research or keyword research, you might be surprised.