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Your Questions About Finding New Niches

David asks…

Is it possible to get adult career counseling for free?

I really want someone to help me find my niche. I am unemployed and can’t afford a counselor. How can I get advice for free if there is such a thing. Does it really help to see one?

New Niche Finder answers:

Yes, contact St. Joseph’s Church, Manor Avenue, Downingtown, Pennsylvania –
www.stjoesdtown.org, email stjoeparishsec@yahoo.com,
Joseph’s People – is the name of the group…..and they will help you with anything….check your resume…give you info, and they have no interest in what religion they are.
Whatever you need, Joseph’s People has a group of volunteers that give and give and give….to help people with whatever they need……St. Joseph is the saint in the church that is known for his career as a carpenter…and he is the adopted father of Jesus.

I support them, and now they have groups elsewhere too!

Mary asks…

Any advice for a beginning Illustration Student?

I’m having a hard time finding my niche, beginning a career in Illustration. I’d love to know what methods I could use to get my career started in the right direction.

New Niche Finder answers:

Practice practice practice. Your not going to be able to slack or fake being a great illustrator. Make sure you are always sketching and perfecting your skills. Keep a sketchbook and jot down any interesting ideas that might come in handy in the future. Your portfolio is incredibly important, work your ass off on some pieces that you feel proud to show potential clients. Make sure the pieces not only look finished but also polished and professional. Having multiple mediums and subjects will also help show the client your range of skill.

Good luck :)

James asks…

What can I do with a Business Administration degree?

I had my Business degree for 6 1/2 years, and still havn’t quite found my niche. What are some things I can do with this degree, and how do I get experience in some of them?

New Niche Finder answers:

Well my brother is in the same boat, he has a degree in business as well but as of now he is unemployed, what a shame…….Truth of it is, especially in our area, its HARD getting a job in that type of work that he went to school for. Most careers want the experience already, not someone straight out of school……but of course, I’m in the deep south so uh…………you may have way better luck from wherever you are

John asks…

What would be a good topic to do my art project on?

I have until September to think.
In the project I’ll have to produce about 5 work sheets, a sketch book with drawings and two artist studies,and a final product.
This year I did Greek Mythology which I really enjoyed and as my final piece I made greek mythological characters out of clay, and I think I’ve found my niché with that.
I was thinking about doing either Marvel or DC Comics, I’m not sure though.

New Niche Finder answers:

If your thinking about comics have you considered pop art? I recently studied it, and its interesting how much the media affects art, like andy warhol took a regular household item like the soup can and made it one of the most famous pieces of art today
pop art is widely accepted as a major art movement because never before had artists used different types of media, and roy lichtenstein’s benday dots printing process used in cartoons and advertising changed people’s perceptions of art as it expanded upon regular things seen in the media

if you want to do something a bit different you could look at installation art or interior art
or you could base your art on a real event, or your reaction to something happening in the world
if you can do photography, it’s really interesting and fun to do for an art project and lets you be creative and experiment

good luck hope this helps :)

Sharon asks…

What jobs are considered easy and low stress?

I’m just tease arching different occupations, just trying to find my niche b4 going to school.

New Niche Finder answers:

I’ve answered this question elsewhere but here is a slightly different spin.

The stress in a job has largely to do with the employer and how they treat employees and not with the job itself. You might be in one job where you are treated like a son or daughter by the employer while in another job they would swear, berate and insult you. Unfortunately, when you go for a job interview you will not be able to tell if an employer is going to treat you well or like dirt. If the first job you get hired into is not a good situation you will need to ride it out for 3-5 years. This is the important time when you are gaining experience and when you are gaining something to put on your resume for the future. After the 3-5 years you start looking for another place where you will be appreciated and make a good fit.

I was talking with an employee on the WinCo Foods Grocery chain on an airflight recently. He was a young man in his early 20s and we visited about the corporate culture in that company. He went on and on about the company and how it was a great place to work and the great chances for advancement and their employee educational benefits and other positives. It was obvious that this company was a great place to work and this guy was going to be very successful there. Now I went away knowing a lot about WinCo. They had hired a young unproven person and had molded him into a great employee. He was a committed employee who was looking forward to many years being productive in that company. He had confidence in the company and his employment there and was beginning to make plans with his girlfriend for a future life together. So my 10 minute conversation told me a lot about WinCo.

What you need to do is do what I did – ask people about their jobs and their employers. Pretty soon you will be able to get a picture of the situation and decide where you would like to work.

Best Wishes!

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