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Your Questions About Finding New Niches

Sharon asks…

How to find your passion in life?

I can’t get a grip on my life. I did quite a lot of drawing. Got good at it. Then I stopped it and I studied philosophy then studied Law (found it interesting), then writing. (All in about 6 months). I can’t find the niche in my life. Any advice as to HOW to find my passion? I want to enjoy it and somehow help/influence people. How did you find yours?

New Niche Finder answers:

YOu’re in college? You’re doing the right thing. Keep changing majors until you find your passion. Once you find it, find your diligence, and stick through with it. I.e. If you quit the art track because you had a really hard Art History class or something, that doesn’t mean you lost you passion, but your diligence. But, if you truly left it because your passionate about philosophy, that’s good. You want a major you’re passionate about, but be diligent so ultimately you earn you BA. Most people end up working in careers unrelated to their majors, so be flexible when you graduate.

Sandra asks…

What is something I can do everyday that will help me fulfill my dream of becoming wealthy one day?

I’m 23. I know I can do it. I’m intelligent and very ambitious. I’m still working on finding my niche though.I have a passion for learning and I’m frugal. I’m learning the fundamentals of entrepreneurship as of now through online study.

New Niche Finder answers:

Take money out every week and don’t use a debit card don’t ever get a credit card or charge card… Atthe end of the week whatever money u have left put it in a savings account.

George asks…

What’s the difference between an Independent Publisher and Vanity publisher?

are independent publishers more legit?

Also, do i need to find my niche when writing fiction?

New Niche Finder answers:

What’s the difference? Several thousand dollars.

That’s what a vanity publisher will charge to print your book.

An indy publisher will not charge you, but will pay you something for your book. It probably won’t be a lot, because indy publishers don’t have a lot of
$$$. That’s because they can’t access major advertising venues to spark the sale of their books. (The cost of TV and mainstream publication ads are prohibitive.)

Susan asks…

What are some problems you wish you could solve online via a website? Or you just want help with?

What things in life frustrate you? What things do you want help with? What would be helpful to you as a online shopper or online viewer? Just looking to find a niche that people are fed up with and try to provide a meaningful service to help out! I have all kinds of frustrations… do you?

This can be anything from small town wants to huge economy wants or needs so open and and let the world have it people!!! I look forward to hearing from you!

New Niche Finder answers:

Most of the Step-by-Step instructional guides are available on Youtube or Ehow.

I got frustrated tonight trying to find President Obama’s Jobs Bill. Not the video of his speech, but rather the full written text of the bill. I want to read the words myself. I went to the White House website and it was not listed there. In fact under the category of ISSUES, the terms Jobs or Employment were not mentioned. I’d consider those to be issues, wouldn’t you?

Can you help me find the text of Obama’s job bill?

Jenny asks…

How do i value advertising for a fantasy soccer website?

Hi, i am interested in starting up a fantasy soccer website. I believe i have found a niche market where i expect to have between 3000-5000 members.

I plan to give a free service and generate revenue through selling advertising space and sponsorship.

How do i go about valuing the advertising space?

New Niche Finder answers:

Well, it’s not as easy as that. First, you have to make the website and then worry about the value of advertising. Once you have made it, advertise the website itself. An example to use:


They have a free halloween promotion on so that you can ‘rent a post’ for free while it usually costs. Put up your idea and you will get responses.

Then, see how many members actually sign-up. If you use Adbrite, they will estimate it and advertisers will bid and fight for your space, depending how popular it is.

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