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Your Questions About Finding New Niches

John asks…

How should I start my personal statement for grad school? What should I avoid?

I know they say not to start personal statements with “Ever since I was little” but is it okay to say something like “I found my niche early in life”, and then go on to say what got you started in loving what you want to get your masters in? I feel like the first paragraph really needs to draw the person reading it in or else they won’t bother to read the rest, which is really really good. It’s just the first paragraph that I’m iffy about. Help?

New Niche Finder answers:

Grad school essays are more solid and less touchy feely than undergraduate admission essays–they look at your reasons and experiences more than your writing style

Betty asks…

What strategies should a company do to maintain its performance in rapidly changing competitive conditions?

What strategies should a company do to maintain its performance in rapidly changing competitive conditions?

I was thinking that a company should reduce costs and find a niche etc

do you have more suggestions?

thank you!

New Niche Finder answers:

To keep up its performance, they need to innovate. Innovation would help them stand out among their competitiors. Of 8 hours of working mandates, ask the employees to innovate for 2 hours.

Thanks peter
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Lizzie asks…

What are some steps I can take to become a FINANCIAL ANAYLST/ADVISOR?

I am a junior in college majoring in Banking and Finance. I am highly interested in working in investments and helping people plan for retirement. I aced a class project dealing with this and my teacher, as well as the whole class, said I found my niche. However, besides doing well in school, what are some steps or career paths I can follow to become a financial analyst. I am really passionate about helping people plan for retirement and I also see that it pays great money but you have to have 5 years of experience or more. If there are any CFOs or Financial Analyst/Advisors (and/or career counselors), I would glady take your advice and my appreciation is extended. It’s usually hard for college students to find their niche. I’ve found mine and I want to know some good tips or paths to follow. Thank you.

New Niche Finder answers:

I think the next step would probably be to try to get an internship in your field. I don’t know where you attend school, but going to NY and working on Wall Street during the summer should definitely help you. Some companies that come to mind are Goldman Sachs, and Merrill Lynch. If you want to stay more local see if your local bank has any internship opps.

Maria asks…

How did you find your church and/or religion?

I am just a spiritual hitch-hiker, going here and visiting there, reading the bible, Talmud, and Baghavad-Gita, etc., trying to find my niche. I am restless, though, and I can’t find my spiritual home. I can’t get comfortable.

I have a hard time saying that one faith is correct above all others. I am completely uncomfortable in the culture of American Christian churches.

How did you find your church/temple/faith?

New Niche Finder answers:

I found Buddhism and eastern thought in the same way you are going about it. I was raised in a constricting catholic faith which I abandoned after 18 years. I then pursued other christian faiths for another 20 years before becoming disenchanted with all organized religion. Thus my arrival at Buddhism and eastern thought. I recommend that you read “Buddhism-A Concise Introduction” by Huston Smith and Philip Novak. Both Smith and Novak are college professors of comparative religion and know their stuff.

Good luck!

David asks…

How do you reflect on civil rights on Martin Luther King Jr Day?

Please share your thoughts on civil rights in present day.

I speak for noone but myself.

Civil rights are a thing which all people are entitled to on
entering into this world. They include our freedoms to live
happily and healthily under our own responsibility.
It is for us to choose how we spend our time and where
we direct our efforts. It is those efforts which guide the
lifestyles which we lead for better or worse. All of our
actions have consequences, and most of our actions
are totally within our control. In short, we have the power
to make an impact on the world. On this day of civil rights
I am taking the opportunity to consider that impact and
the possibilities which the future holds.
You, like me, have been given this wonderful opportunity
to succeed in life and to find your niche in the world.
I am beckoning you to take advantage of that right.
You and you alone are the master of your own destiny.
Make it a destiny you can be proud of, make it yours.

New Niche Finder answers:

I find this question a quandary, for I was raised by a step father who was a card carrying member of the kkk. In a moral stand I became an anti-bigot, and yet I can not help but find contempt for people who riot and burn their own homes down, along with the homes of their neighbors. I fail to understand how people claim to honor a right to life, then bomb clinics killing people inside. I do not see why people fight over what name to call the Divine light they follow, or what hat they must wear to offer up their prayers. In short I have spent a lifetime trying to make a difference, and yet it seems like there is no end in sight.

I do understand your message, and I’ll do my best.



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