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Your Questions About How To Discover New Antibiotics

Sandy asks…

How long is the progression of Hyperthyroidism?

I went to the ER on 1-1-09 because I woke up with my pulse racing and I couldn’t breath. i was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and admitted. The indoc. came and spoke to me briefly, I was so wigged out, and didn’t ask questions. She put me on methimazole and told me to see her in 4 weeks. I developed a rash and she squeezed me in to look at it. She told me to immediatly stop the meds and she would set up the uptake and the radioiodine treatment in one week. Then left. I tried to tell her I’ve been having weird rashes for several months and I didn’t think it was because the medicine, but she didn’t care. I understand that with medicine allergies you shouldn’t take chances, but felt we were skipping the first option very quickly. I’ll try to run this down quickly…2004 after tubal and off the pill I started having long irredgulat periods and severe ovulation pains. GYN did tests and said no problems. Also told me the severe pains in my low pelic area was constipation. I didn’t agree. After about 2 years my periods became a little more regular, but still were very different… Late december I started having sore throats that would last for weeks. The Doc couldn’t see anything. The pain was very low, right where I just recently discovered my Thyroid is. I would also have pain like something was pushing on the muscles in my neck. It would only last a few seconds but it really hurt. In Late 2006 I started having terrible neck pain. General doctor had neck MRI and saw nothing. Sent me to PT and I enjoyed the neck massages, but didn’t help. I also was getting sharp pains that when I would bend over would shoot from the back of my skull through my head to my temple. So painful it actually made me cuss! I also was having clogged ears and pain. I went to the ENT and he could find no reason for the pain and no signs of allergies. He did however feel a lump on my thyroid. They did an ultrasound and said there was a cyst, but it was nothing to worry about. I do not think they did bloodwork. In march 2007 I got Shingles really bad. After that I really started getting bad. I got a very fine smooth red rash all over my body. It would get worse and then better and then worse again. I also started having dizzy spells that would make me fall. The doctor gave me antidepressants. I switched doctors. Soon after this, I started having severe abdominal pains that sent me to the emergency room many times. They did cat scans and could not see anything. Over the next several months I had colonoscopy, they looked in my stomach. I had ultrasounds on all my organs in my abdomin, chest xrays, everything. By fall, the new doctor gave me anti depressents. I decided to go on my own to see a therapist. After 12 sessions she told me that she belived my problems were definaly physical. I forgot to mention that my regular MD did give my a thyroid test and said it was fine. I don’t know what test she ran. I just kept getting worse and had so much pain. I cut back my work to only two days a week. a friend referred me to a doctor that is a chronic illness and Lyme disease specalist. She is an MD and can perscribe meds, but also treats a lot of things with special supplements. First doc to spend 4 hours looking over tests and doing a full medical history. Drew 42 vials of blood and ran special tests that regular medical community doesn’t use. Results: Strep that traveled to my brain probably from childhood. Parvo virus, whopping cough, Bartanella (cat scrach fever) fibromyalgia, Lyme, vascullitus, and I don’t even know what else. Also many low vitamins. I decided that no one else was helping me, and she spent the time to get my history. Looked at all my previous test results. I had to put my faith in her. I believe she also did thyroid test and it was ok. I spent the next 10 months on supplements and hi doses of Antibiotics for long periods of time. She warned me that it was going to be difficult and a long road, but I would be able to get better, maybe better than I have been my whole life. Several months ago I started losing my hair, hard time breathing, shaking, unable to form sentences correctly. I was told these were from the bartonella and all the rashes were from the bacteria dying off. Now I know that is was the thyroid. So after this long story… Could my Hyperthyroidim have been developing for all these years and just really kicked in the last six months?

New Niche Finder answers:

My answer to your last question would be yes, it’s possible. Thyroid issues are often all mixed up with Lyme disease and all the other stuff you mentioned. As you found out, most practitioners look at just one or two things in isolation; few of them look at the whole picture of how these factors interact.

Does the person who is giving you all these supplements agree that thyroid is a problem? Seems to me the thyroid has to be considered along with all the other stuff.

Daniel asks…

Any English expert please help me::correct my grammar on The reveal of the British scientific knowledge wrting?

In the high-technology era, science plays a big role in humanities’ life, and everyone is familiar with it. Science advances more and more every day. On the other hand, people may not understand everything about it. Instead of being aware of new technology, people are confused by it. As in United Kingdom, it is a developed country, yet British are still lack of scientific knowledge.
The surveys’ reveal by Professor John and his colleges at University of Oxford had shown that British people do not really know about science; otherwise, they could have answered more questions than what they had then. Two thousand people were asked with the same questions, whereas only three percent seemed to understand what it means to study something scientifically. (Birke, 1990) One of the survey discovered that only thirty-one percent of British knew electrons are smaller than atoms, and almost a third of them believe antibiotics kill viruses as well as bacteria. (Young, 1992) However, basic science learning should be given by schools which are the main foundations of the knowledge. Education system should adapt scientifically literacy to teach children so they can apply it for everyday life. Similarly to learning in schools, in spite of the mass media is the secondary learning after schools, the medium should give more attention before giving away information to community. Consequently, people beliefs in science depend on their prior knowledge.
In fact, it is not difficult to be literate, but it is harder to have scientifically literacy that makes you understand well in everything around you with the principle of science. In the same way to comprehend scientific knowledge, you need to be sensible. Science is related in your routine as in you know how it works and how it affects every day life

New Niche Finder answers:

I’ll show you which parts need to be changed.

Yet British are still lack of scientific knowledge.

University of Oxford had shown that

Two thousand people were asked with the

One of the survey

Education system should adapt scientifically literacy to teach

people beliefs in science

harder to have scientifically literacy that

Science is related in your routine as in you know how it works

Susan asks…

is it wrong to take my dog back to the shelter?

I have going to veterinary technician school for the past year, have been working in the boarding/grooming section of a veterinary hospital for 3 months, and own 2 toy poodles. I love dogs. I have wanted a larger dog for a companion to train as my own for some time so I went to my local pound and found a hound dog that I really liked, we (my wife, daughter, and I) brought back our toy poodles to the pound to meet her and they seemed to tolerate the dog… so we adopted her

Acclimating the dog to my home has proven to be much harder than I anticipated. I have been struggling for months to figure out how to make things work. I discovered after adopting the dog that she wasn’t a hound mixed mutt, but rather a Plott Hound, a type of dog bred to hunt/fight 300 pounds bears, obviously an extremely high energy breed. The reason she seemed more docile when I adopted her was that she actually turned out to have a very bad upper respiratory infection (the symptoms didn’t show up until a couple days after I got her home). I took the dog to the vet and after giving her antibiotics/steroids for like 3 weeks she finally recovered.

Once she recovered from the upper respiratory infection her behavior changed a lot… high energy and behavioral issues become much more apparent and much more intense/harder to deal with. I taught her commands and that has been going well, but pretty much every other behavioral problem she just seemed to have in spades.

I have had really big problems with anxious barking, destructive chewing, and being overly rough especially with my other dogs. I started giving her rawhide to chew on to try and curb the destructive chewing and give her something to do in the house, but she becomes treat aggressive towards my other dogs if they come here near or the raw hides. She has already injured both of my poodles and has shown indication of treat aggression towards my baby daughter as well.

I felt obligated to try and work it out, so I moved from our apartment to a house with a fenced in yard (my lease was ending), because I read that Plott Hounds really need fenced in yards to run around and explore be happy, but things got no better. she digs up the yard and barks so loud the whole street can hear it if ever left alone. she has actually chewed up the metal door knob trying to force her way back into the house. I’m scared when my new landlord (who said he was okay with my dogs as long as they aren’t destroying the property) sees the knob he will want us to move out.

To make matters worse, shortly after getting the dog my job increased my hours quite a bit, which meant that in conjunction with school I’ve been having to go 30 days at a time without a day off. The dog seems to have issues with separation anxiety, but the combination of her being unsafe when I have her around the family (injuring the other dogs, and treat aggression, destructive behavior etc.), and me lately not having days off to just devote to playing with her and possibly curb the anxiety, has basically left me at the end of my rope.

I have found a no-kill shelter and intend to surrender the dog there tomorrow, so I would like to think she is at least better off than when I first found her (she is healthy now and will be in a no-kill shelter instead of the pound). I realize that I obviously made a mistake in getting the dog and bit off way more than I could chew. I had not really been properly educated about just how out of control rescue dog behavior tends to be, and got an inaccurate indication of her actual temperament because she was sick when I adopted her. I got into this with the best intentions, and I figured that adopting the dog from the pound and at least attempting to make things work certainly had to be in the dog’s best interest, but everything I have read online basically condemns people doing what I am doing as basically the scum of the earth…

Considering I work for a veterinarian and am going to veterinary technician school has left me feeling particularly awful about my failure to make things work, but I’ve been struggling for months and I simply don’t have the skill needed to really train her. the dog’s behavior only seems to be getting worse to the point that there’s the possibility of something very bad happening (seriously hurting my other dogs or baby or getting us evicted). Any advice about what to make of this experience would be deeply appreciated.

New Niche Finder answers:

I had a huge long answer typed out and YA “experienced difficulties” when I posted. So, here goes again lol. :) Initially I was thinking ABSOLUTELY it is wrong! You should never adopt a dog and then just change your mind! BUT after reading your details and explanation, it sounds like this may be your best choice. I am glad to hear you have at least tried to the best of your abilities and not just simply giving up on the pup, but if there is that much destruction as well as aggression or being too rough with your other dogs, its not fair to the dogs. I recently had a similar situation, I adopted what I thought was a German pincher and turned out to be a doberman/German shepherd mix. I live in a 2nd floor 2BR apartment, and have plenty of room to accommodate a 30 lb dog, but by now means do I have enough room (inside or out) for a 60-70+ lb dog. It just wasn’t fair to her, so I found her a new home. Even though I did it out of benefit for the dog and by no means selfish reasons (as too many people surrender for selfish reasons) I still felt awful. O you have the option perhaps of re-homing the dog yourself? That way you ensure s/he gets a good home, rather than chance being stuck at the shelter? I’m glad to hear if you surrender the dog, it will be a no-kill. Don’t let people make you feel bad, this sounds like what is best for everyone, including the dog. You have tried everything you could, and done the best to your abilities, and this sounds like what is best. It’s not your fault the breed was listed wrong, and if you looked into the breed you thought you were adopting, at least you are doing your research to find a compatible dog for your household. Good luck!

Ruth asks…

How this first molar should be removed?

I just discovered few week ago that I have a 6 year old molar not erupted in the upper right part. I’m 26 now. The tooth is grown at it’s full size but included inside. The wisdom tooth was erupted long time ago and probably that’s why no other dentist have notice this. Well, I haven’t been so many times to a dentist; 3-4 times :).
I had some untreated infections to both premolars and the second molar in the last 6 months that I treated myself with antibiotics… so going back and forth from chronic to acute (very bad thing but I learn my lesson).
I know it’s a very weird case. This is the first tooth of the new dentition and does not replace another tooth so it should have erupted normally. The only option remains that maybe the tooth had lost it’s eruption potential.
How I said, It’s fully grown and from the radiography it passed through sinus and his root is near the eye orbit.
Have any of you saw this before?
Does anyone knows what is the best way to fix this?
Can it be removed with local anesthesia or should it be a complete one?
How will the bone heal? Is there anything that can help this, considering that the tooth pass through the sinus cavity or near it?

Thank you for you’re answers. My radiography is at the dentist and I don’t have it, maybe I’ll scan it soon.

New Niche Finder answers:

I have never seen an upper first molar impacted near the orbit. I wouldn’t expect a dentist to pick this up unless there was access to a panoramic or other extraoral radiograph. This is not a tooth that is often missing congenitally, so it must have aroused the suspicion of the dentist who found this.
How to best remove this depends on a host of factors–not least where the tooth is located. Impacted teeth that are significantly displaced are often associated with a cyst. If it is near vital structures the risk of removal must be weighed against the risk of the surgical procedure to remove the tooth.
If you have a scanner with a transparency adapter and can post a scan I would be very interested in seeing the x-ray.

Good luck,
Steve Bornfeld, DDS

Donald asks…

How to know if it’s time to put my cat down?

My 6 year old cat developed a respiratory infection last July and it was at that time that we discovered in the x-rays that she had an enlarged heart. I got an EKG done on her, and she was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy with a heartrate of 260. She was given antibiotics to help the respiratory infection, and though she got better, just about two months later, she developed the sneezes and gunky eye again, and was throwing up (white mucus) a few times. This time they gave her a thyroid test, thinking it may tie in to the cardiomyopathy since she had also lost a lb or 2. The tests came back (and I seem to have misplaced the numbers) but the level the are mainly concerned about (T3?) was in the normal range, but the (t4?) was out of normal range. Vet suggested I recheck again in 6 months. That weekend kitty was having labored breathing and we took her in to the emergency Vet. They gave her a nebulization treatment and lasix. She improved. This was back in August.

This last Saturday night (early Sunday) she puked up yellow mucus (bile) and then really was not eating or drinking. She would get excited when we brought the food out, but licked once or twice and then left. Tuesday morning she threw up again, and I brought her in to the vet. Her thyroid did not feel enlarged. Through the x-rays the vet determined that it is not an intestinal blockage, but her lungs appear to have fluid all around them, and of course her heart is enlarged.
Basically the vet told me that my options are to have her put under anethesia and remove some fluid to determine what kind it is- costing thousands of dollars depending on the outcome of the procedure, new thyroid tests, x rays and EKGs. Or it’s time to put her down. He suggested today or tomorrow. The x rays will be reviewed by another vet tomorrow. I currently have it set to have her put down on Thursday, not tomorrow, at another vet (I know from my mother’s experience there that they are particularly compassionate to pets being put down).

Though she has not been eating she seems so normal and alert in other ways. I can not afford, nor do I see the point in performing thousands of dollars of tests and procedures on her for a disease that will just progress and reoccur. I am not cold hearted, we have already spent several thousand to get this far with it all. However, I feel like I am giving up on her to put her down. I know without eating in the next few days she will grow weaker and I do not want to wait too long and make her suffer, but I just keep questioning what if somehow they are wrong and I am putting her down before her time?

I would appreciate any advice or opinion on the matter. Is it really the end of the road for her, or are we missing anything?

New Niche Finder answers:

My cat has Chronic Renal Failure and sadly after 18 years we are no longer working and are on reduced pensions and we can’t afford the vet care we could 18 years ago.
She is getting home care but I can’t pay for blood panels every 3 months and when she gets farther along there is no money for IV’s hospitalizations, blood transfusions, stem cell surgeries and many other things. We are taking it day by day and treating her according how she is acting. I know the day will come when I will be asking what your are ( in a way ) I will have to choose PTS. It breaks my heart but as you said 1000’s of dollars on procedures that will not cure only diagnose and possibly prolong life for a few short weeks. I will choose PTS.
She doesn’t want to be away from me and in the hospital, she hates the almost hour long trip to the vet and I will respect her wishes and our empty bank account.
You are not a bad person to decide to put her down.
If you want to keep her and love her and spend a final few days with her and take her in when she is not being normal do that.

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