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Your Questions About How To Discover New Artists

Thomas asks…

What is the most unusual way you’ve discovered a band?

Also, have you ever discovered a band or artist by simply seeing an album of theirs in a shop, and without ever hearing of them think Hmm, I have a feeling they’ll be good!’? I did that with Yes and Captain Beefheart and I love both of them. 😀

PS – How did you discover the band you’re listening to now? And for how long have you been listening to them?

New Niche Finder answers:

PS first. I’m listening to 38 Special now, I discovered them on the radio in the early 80’s.
I discovered Metallica by picking up Kill ‘Em All at the record store in 1983. I was 12. I had ten bucks and wanted a new record. I rode my bike 10 miles to the store, looked through the Metal section and bought Meatloaf=Bat out of Hell. It looked Metal. I got home and played it and was pi$$ed! Sounded like Billy Joel.
I rode back to the store and demanded they exchange it. Went back to the M section and removed all Meatloaf and stuck it behind Madonna, and Kill ‘Em All was right there behind where Meatloaf was. I knew in an intstant I couldn’t go wrong with that one, and when I got home, well let’s just say I had a tinge of jealousy cuz they did it first before I could but I freakin loved it. Been hooked on Thrash ever since.

Joseph asks…

What do you think of this newly discovered artist?


Recently heard an epic remix of this original song in Ibiza at a club and couldn’t believe that this was a white guy and an American one at that. I have heard of some hard sounding artists in my time but nothing this well developed.
Just copy and paste the link into youtube or type in Poom Poom Boogieman or litezoutmusic and the song will come right up.

New Niche Finder answers:


Helen asks…

What is the best city to “get discovered” as an artist in abstract expressionism?

Given that there are many artists who are really great but don’t market their work in the “right” place fall into obscurity. I know that being in the right place can make all the difference – the question is where is that place? Also, note that I aleady market locally and the internet – I am asking about what city – whhat gallery – where should I be aspiring to?

New Niche Finder answers:

Where do you live now? Can you afford to live in New York, LA, or San Francisco? I lived in San Fran and its very expensive, NY aint cheap either. I am not a pro artist, just do it on the side for my own fun. I guess those are the places to go though. What gallery? Any that will take you probably. Make it happen yourself I guess. Im not a fan of abstract expressionism because it all looks the same to me. There are only a few artists that have a look that makes them identifiable. What makes you stand out among the other million artists out there? Thats the thing about that kind of art, I know Ill get flamed for this but its easier to do, more people can do it and its hard to have your own style. I like the look of realistic stuff myself and can tell the difference between someone really good and someone that sucks, plus different artists have styles that are discernable from everyone else. I would know a Mark Ryden piece or a Robert Williams piece in a second. They have their style which makes them a commodity. Not everyone can do what those guys do. Good luck.

Mandy asks…

i like death cab for cutie, what are some other bands that have the same music style?

I am trying to expand the variety of music I listen to, and I want to discover some new artists/bands. And I want to try introducing them to my friends and family members so they can hear about them as well. Any suggestions?

New Niche Finder answers:

Here are some artists i listen to…
– Ambulance Ltd.
– Aushua
– Belle and Sebastian
– Ben Folds (and Ben Folds Five)
– Ben Kweller
– Built to Spill
– Coldplay
– The Flaming Lips
– Franz Ferdinand
– French Kicks
– Grandaddy
– The Hives
– Hot Chip
– Hot Hot Heat
– Imogen Heap
– The Killers
– Modest Mouse
– Muse
– Ozma
– Phantom Planet
– Radiohead
– The Strokes

Maria asks…

How would I get discovered as an artist?

Well I’m currently improving my singing voice as much as I can, The only true question is how I could be found, how to get discovered by the likes of Akon or T-Pain. I was thinking, a Youtube/Myspace discovery. Something along the lines of that, Please answer my question.

New Niche Finder answers:

Ok so i am just like you… I can sing but i need to be discovered im honestly … Im 14 have a boyish cute simle and could possibly make it i guess the best way to go is to post on youtube :) good luck

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