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Your Questions About How To Discover New Artists

Charles asks…

How to be discovered and noticed as a writer at a young age.?

I really would love to be discovered by a publisher or something like that, but I don’t know how to. Does anyone know any sites which could help, or something like that.

New Niche Finder answers:

You dont get discovered by publishing houses. You have to write your work and then submit your proposal to publishing houses following certain guidelines they require. There are many publishers who do not even consider unsolicited material. Therefore you should send your work to an agent who can represent you.
Getting your work published can be hard work, kinda like finding a job. Why don’t you use the reference book Writers Market for the year 2009 if you live in US. Or the Writers and Artists yearbook 2009 if you are in UK

Ruth asks…

What are the names of some good bands or artists who sing in tiếng Việt?

I’ve already discovered the greatness that is Vũ Hà! I really love his style, but I’d probably like almost anything that has a fast beat too. I just want to listen to more Vietnamese songs on YouTube, and I’d appreciate any recommendations for good songs I could find there in tiếng Việt. Thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

You really like Vu Ha, that means you like Vietnam Pop songs. Most of the teenagers love this kind of music. If you understand Vietnamese or are trying to study Vietnamese through music, this is the best way, since the teen pop lyrics are quite simple and meaningless, but the sound is smooth and easy to listening. We call this “market music”, that is written to hit the billboard once only, not for long.

You can go for

1. Www.mp3.zing.vn: there’s a top 10 most listened list at the end of the page (right side) or try the Zing! Hot playlist

2. Www.nhac.vui.vn: there’s a online listening playlist in the center of the page

3.www.hoangclub.vn: this is a teen site, written by a very young guy, one of the most hit site in teen community. There’s also a VN-Eng-Chin playlist played automatically when you open the site.

4. Www.nhacso.net: licensed music, some songs will be in demo only. High quality, but focus in deep music, not much for teen.

5. Www.inghe.com (automatically goes to www.nhac.noi.vn): fancy member socializing tools!

Regarding singers, there are lots of rising ones (somes never become famous),try to listen to:
– Female: Bao Thy, Thuy Chi, Minh Hang, Kim…
– Male: Quang Vinh, Tuan Hung, Dam Vinh Hung…

I can’t remember a gallery galore of singer names!

Betty asks…

What does it take to become a concept artist/character designer?

More specifically a concept artist or character designer for an animation studio.

…Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

New Niche Finder answers:

Major skill and getting discovered.

Make a portfolio and put your art out there. Becoming a concept artist doesn’t take anything but being recognized and being able to draw of course

Paul asks…

I like very much Lana del Rey and Florrie, what another artists do you recommends me?

I discovered this two artists a few weeks ago, and even I know their music is very diferent, I want to ask, what another artis do you recommend me to listen based on this two?

New Niche Finder answers:

Marina And The Diamonds.

Jenny asks…

What new music have you discovered from a TV show?

A lot of TV shows now use music from up and coming new artists. Who are some of your favorites? What TV shows did you hear them on? What songs were used?

New Niche Finder answers:

I saw a commercial for the show Ugly Betty with the song Big Girl by Mika. The video was very funny and I now own his album and several singles. I very much liked Life in cartoon motion. His album is very well rounded and he has the range to do such songs as Grace Kelly and the amazing Happy Ending.

The video is great, check it out…

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