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Your Questions About How To Discover New Artists

Lizzie asks…

why are some artists not able to keep up with the times and others can?

they say flash in the pan, wannabe, has been. Is that true? Is an artist with staying power necessarily better or what?

New Niche Finder answers:

In art if you are a real artist, there no such thing as flash in the pan.

Picasso was better known for his earlier stuff than his more modern pieces. So because we were aware of the legend, not of his current pieces. Flash in the pan…no..time out.

He became a signature, the only ones that liked his art were poor people, and they couldn’t own a Picasso.

When young artist’s go through a hey day, it’s usually first fame that does them in..some recover and get back to work, others don’t.

My own case in point (sorry) I became “the newest thing to hit the LA art scene in a long time”…well it lasted one year, 1995.

I probably could have taken to the highest points of adulation, I chose not too scene. I enjoy not being noticed.

Remember with all this is writing, you’re not in the same room as me, and we do not know each other, so I am kind of invisible, but with good guiding info, whether your give me 10 point or not, this subject is everything I am, you and no-one else can change that environment ever, and when I die, I’ll still be remembered, and what prices my works are selling for on southern hemisphere art scene and parts of Europe, will spend one day as a news article page one or three.

From there I moved on and became an art director for a couple of firms, out of that, I started to re-discover animation again, and for the first time realized I was actually enjoying my life.

One day I’ll do a retrospective exhibition, and sell everything, because where I came from, I’m a mystery as well as legend, sometimes feel, in my own mind, that’s denial on my own behalf. Because I have another way of expressing myself, and diplomacy isn’t in there.

So in a sense some, including myself, don’t do the fame game well, don’t like being pawed like a pet monkey and sit through dull conversations about how talented one is, you’re a genius.

When I hit the spotlight, I had already spent a bit over 8 years in art school, ate potatoes, and baloney every day, sometimes I’d switch to baked beans and bread, my dog was eating better than me.. Worked as a theater backdrop artist for a few early years, basically worked at anything that allow me time for my art.

By the time I got the contract of a lifetime, it was 1995 and I had already spent 27 years painting, designing and exhibiting.

Essentially I hit the top of the crap heap.

It occurred to me I was selling my jewels at bargain basement prices, mind I was getting $1,200 to $5,000 a piece, sometimes a big fish would come in.

I stopped exhibiting so I didn’t have to sell anymore to pay for the show.

If it is in your heart you certainly cannot be a wanna be, because any person who has put on a major art show, will tell you how much work is involved, agent, management or no.

It no that easy. My art took me around the world, and that’s called, being an artist, whether you know me or not, I did it for me, no-one else.

Most of my art friends, that is the real arty farty’s, mosey through many spectrum’s of the art scene, acting, musician, writer, painter, designer, exhibitor. That is all they do.

Staying power, easy as pigeon pie, just don’t get off the treadmill, that’s only staying power you require, working, always working….too many think that party, party is staying on the treadmill, where I come from, that’s smooshing and wasting time.

Discipline, belief, living it, dreaming it, eating art, art, art, art,art.

That is how it is done, and that is how you can loose it.

Helen asks…

How can I find help on discovering what a painting is worth?

I have a painting that a friend gave to me before he passed on. He told me that it was worth nearly 10K or so. I can’t read the artist that left their signature on the painting. Can I put the picture of it up somewhere on the internet where someone might be able to tell me if it is worth anything? I want to add it to my insurance policy if it is in case anything happened to my home. I don’t have really any information on the painting of who it may be by or when it was painted, etc? I don’t know if it was true that it was worth anything to begin with. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

New Niche Finder answers:

If you put the painting on the internet, even if you find such a website, how do you know the person knows what they are talking about and is reliable?

If you live in a large city, call the museum(s) in your city and ask if they have a Curator or someone that will look at the painting and give you information about it.

Nancy asks…

Please recommend good artists for me to listen?

With the likes of Rachel Yamagata, Adele, Ingrid Michaelson, Laura Jansen and Diane Birch. They may not be identical (voice and genre) but I like to discover new artists like them who really stays true to music and makes wonderful tunes. Please suggest!

New Niche Finder answers:

The Foreign Exchange
Anthony Hamilton
Musiq Soulchild
India Arie
Teedra Moses

William asks…

What is the best way to get discovered as an artist?

What is the best way to get discovered as an artist?

New Niche Finder answers:

Get the book “The mystery of making it” by jack white. Www.jackwhiteartist.com (available as a down load from his site)
This is the best manual on how to make a living being an artist I have seen and he and his life are living proof it really works. He actually has several books on this but start with this one.
You get discovered one painting sale at a time. You need to understand your market and who you are going to do art for. Fine artists have publishers and art galleries who brand and make them household names.
Disney does not allow the artists to sign their work. Go to www.Bruseeagleartist.com and check out this talented artist who worked for years for Disney and other companies.You will recognize his art, but probably have never heard of him.

Donna asks…

Could you make me discover artists who are similar to Dave Matthews Band?

I’ve been a huge fan for a while now and I’m trying to discover new bands. I’ve come across Midlake, John Grant and The Czars (Drug and Side Effect are the bomb) until now but I can’t get enough satisfaction…

Thanks in advance!

New Niche Finder answers:

Umphrey’s Mcgee
Blues Traveler
Widespread Panic
Trey Anastasio
Gov’t Mule
Hootie & The Blowfish
The String Cheese Incident
Rusted Root
Citizen Cope
State Radio
Perpetual Groove
Warren Haynes
Jason Lytle
Richmond Fontaine
John Grant
Sin Fang Bous
Cut Off Your Hands
Shy Child
Scott Matthews
Jeremy Enigk
Page France
Vic Chesnutt
Comets On Fire
Chad Valley
Wolf Gang
Nancy Sinatra
Charlotte Gainsbourg
The Vaccines
My Morning Jacket
Kate Bush
Jeff Buckley

Hope That Helps

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