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Your Questions About How To Discover New Artists

Nancy asks…

What kind of website can I go to look at new music releases, or look at different bands?

I know about Pandora, last.fm, musicovery, etc
There was this site I knew about a while back. I can’t remember the name of the site, but the music on there had bands and artists such as Owl City, A Day to Remember, nevershoutnever… etc. Then it had emerging artists and such. It had a chart of the top new releases, popular artists, etc.
It was an amazing site. It’s how I found a lot of songs.
Automatic 10 points to the person who knows the site. :]
If not, other suggestions to discovering new music is great too.

New Niche Finder answers:

and then go to the top 40 pop hits one and there you go!

John asks…

What did I do wrong…?

There I was, waking up on a Sunday mourning, actually happy for once in a blue moon because I get to travel on the road listening to my music and I discovered some new artist that liked and got straight away downloading songs from my laptop as time went by. Until, my mother had chest pains which was probably a heart-attack. She couldn’t breathe and she fell to the floor. My dad rushed to help her while I called the ambulance. However, after she told me not to call them, I just watched as she moaned and groaned in pain. Trip canceled and I had to watch my mother suffer. Scared I stayed home and began to become depressed, that is until my brother and nephew came. He cheered me up throughout the day as mostly what we did was goof around. While I was supposed to go on my trip, I planned to study Spanish as well as listen to music. When I was going to get home, I would have also focused studying on the subject. However, my bro and nephew came and I get distracted easily since my nephew was always around me it was impossible to study hard. After my mother felt better or at least back to normal where she could walk (which was 6 hours or so) she fussed at me for not studying. She got so mad that she even told me the only reason she didn’t want the ambulance was because she wanted to die. Her whole life has been hell because of the aggravation ad struggle she’s been through. How would you feel if someone you loved said: I wish I was dead. I had so much anticipation and pleasure this mourning and now I’m devastated.

New Niche Finder answers:

It sounds like your mother is suffering from some serious problems, and likely is depressed. I am sorry this has taken such a toll on you. Often the people who are family members with people who suffer from mental illnesses end up taking the brunt of the emotions that come along with caring for those people. I hope you can sit down with the rest of your family and discuss what to do about this situation. Your mother’s statements are very discerning.

In the meantime, please take care of you. Do something you enjoy everyday and continue to work towards your goals, even if they become delayed. You are your best advocate for yourself and by keeping busy with things you enjoy and spending time with positive and supportive people, you can best take care of you!

Good luck and if you need to, call our hotline or email our website!

Counselor, Dominic
Boys Town National Hotline

Maria asks…

I did a track on a old school beat…do you like it??? Old school vs new school! Check me out!?

I have a snip it (not a whole song but a little sumthin sumthin) called Express Yourself. Its song 3 on my myspace music page. Let me know if you like it. Since it’s an old school beat…and I’m 21…I want to know if people can understand where I was going with that track, and do you like how I flow on it. If you don’t like hip hip, or rap music…don’t even waste my time or your own sharing your worthless opinions. Thanks to the people that are giving their honest humble opinions its greatly appreciated. Remember I am an artist…and I’m sensitive about my ish! (new artist at that only discovered I had the ability to rhyme not even a year ago).

My myspace page is myspace.com/deycallmegg

New Niche Finder answers:

Ok ma ill check u out lata cul

Michael asks…

how do you announce/promote a new art movement?

If an artist discovers a new art movement, HOW can he make it be known? If he has no funds to display his works in the major museums, such as Norton Simon or Getty.
Where can he look for help? What steps should to be taken?
Are there any organizations, investors or grant programs (private or governmental) that help artist promote a new art movement?

Any info would be welcome; I would particularly appreciate specific names/links.

Once again: The primary goal is to promote/announce the new art movement (the style of art that has never been painted in before; historically, art movements were surrealism, cubism, impressionism, conceptual art, etc) and there is a financial need to do that on the corresponding level.

New Niche Finder answers:

One artist doesnt a movement make a movement as it is based on a new idea that many artists move towards in theri own way a- and its people outside that movement to comment on it usually quite a few years down the line – Movements in art are often named years after they have been happening and it would not be in any individual artists gift to name it or promote it – Once we got to postmodernism there isn’t really a way out – YOu could see if there were artists in your area making similar kinds of work but the way of the artist is to be unique to try to say something in a way that no one else is saying it – so artificially making/advancing a movement doesn’t seem likely to appeal – Art is in some way like wars we dont really know the beginning and ends of them and they get talked about by historians for ever

Steven asks…

Is there anything wrong with playing a video game just because I like its soundtrack?

I’m still going to play and enjoy its gameplay, though. I’m getting a new game soon (Tony Hawk’s Underground) but my brother gets mad at me when I tell him because he says I’m not a skater nor am I a fan of skateboarding (It’s true that I’m not). I want to play it because I know it has a great soundtrack and I want to discover new bands/music artists. I’m a music person and I like to try out a lot of stuff then choose to like what I want.

How do I convince my brother to allow me to get the game? What should I tell my brother if he makes any more degrading comments about me playing a skateboarding video game?

I know there’s a track list somewhere, but it’s too time-consuming just to try out every single one of the songs.

New Niche Finder answers:

No if thats what you wanna do

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