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Your Questions About How To Discover New Artists

Susan asks…

What are some cool, undiscovered artists in the pop, alternative indie genre?

I have a LARGE variety of musical interests one of my current favorites is kate nash, as well as many others. I dont want to hear an answer like Fall out Boy,…….THEY ARE DISCOVERED!!!!!!!!!!!! I like songs in different lagnsuages too!

New Niche Finder answers:

Try Ashraf Amin. Go to youtube and search Shatter By Ashraf! Unfortunately, he is undiscovered although I personally find him GREAT! Shatter is not his BEST song but it is the only song of his on youtube because it’s the only one he made a video for. Give it a try!
Also, if you like other languages, search Nancy Agram. She sings in Arabic which might be interesting for you if that’s the kind of think you like. :) Hope this helps!

Michael asks…

what are the requirments to become an assistant for a manga artist?

i want to know if i go to college what classes i need to take?also i want to be an assistant for a manga artist or comic artist what are the requirements?where or how do i apply to be an assistant?

New Niche Finder answers:

Manga Artists and Writers Profiles and Interviews
Meet the writers and artists behind your favorite manga titles. Read our recent interviews with top creators and go behind the scenes to find out what inspires them …
Manga.about.com/od/mangaartistswriters – Cached

Manga Art – MangaArtists.org
MangaArtists.org is a free professional and social networking community for Manga Art. Show off your work, promote your business, and grow your online presence.
Www.mangaartists.org – Cached

Amateur manga artists community – Mangaworkshop
Mangaworkshop.net is a website for amateur manga artists. Upload your art and receive comments from other artist on how to improve.
Www.mangaworkshop.net – Cached

How to Be a Manga Artist | eHow.com
A manga artist, known as a “mangaka” in Japan, draws and often also writes a Japanese-style comic. A fan of manga knows that the manga style is more than just cartoon …
Www.ehow.com/how_8575459_manga-artist.html – Cached
More results from ehow.com »
Manga artists – Manga Wiki
This is a listing of artists known for their creation of manga. The main article for this…
Manga.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Manga_artists – Cached

Manga Art and Artists – Manga About.com – Best Manga Lists …
History of Manga; Manga Artists and Creators; Manga Authors, Editors and Publishers; Manga Artwork and Illustration Galleries; History of Manga. What does ukiyo-e …
Manga.about.com/od/imagegalleries/u/artandartists.htm – Cached

Anime and Manga Tarot Cards, Asian Decks, Art Books from …
Anime and manga tarot cards, imported decks, art books, Chinese, Japanese.
Www.mangaart.com – Cached

#Anime-Manga-Artists on deviantART
Art – community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints.
Anime-manga-artists.deviantart.com – Cached

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Donald asks…

how exactly does the record label work with the artists?

i am writing a compare contrast essay on record labels vs artists and i have no clue how to go about this… can anyone help?

New Niche Finder answers:

Here’s some general info for anyone looking to set up a record label. I shall get into more details about each department in later posts. I found this while doing some research and thought to share the important bit with you guys. Like any other business, while it’s fun to own a record label, it requires a lot of cash and well experienced professionals to run each department for you to be successful.

To describe the hierarchy of a record company, it’s best to start at the top. The CEO (chief executive officer) is in charge of the business of the whole company. In addition, each label also has its own president. Under the president of the individual label, there are vice presidents in charge of different departments. Let’s take a look at the departments that make up a major record label:

A&R – The A&R (artists and repertoire) department is often considered the most glamorous department at a record label. This is because A&R is in charge of discovering new talent. A&R people work very hands-on with the artists that they “sign.” (When a record label “signs” an artist, it simply means that the artist makes an exclusive contract with that record label.) They do everything from assisting with song selection to choosing the people who will produce the album to deciding where the album will be recorded. The people in this department work as the link between the recording artist and all the other departments of the record company.
Art Department – This department is in charge of all the artwork that goes along with producing an album. This includes CD cover art, advertisements and displays at music stores.

See more under the link..

Good luck!

Paul asks…

What is a good site to discover underground hip hop?

I’m looking for a good networking site to find some really good, pure underground Hip Hop. I love artists like Aesop Rock, Grieves, Illogic, POS, Common Market.. When beats collide into soulful lyric arrangments, that’s what makes me tick. True Hip Hop. Not the careless slewn together that mainstream tends to project.
Any ideas? It would be very much appreciated :]

New Niche Finder answers:


Charles asks…

How to make it in life as an artist?

I’m between jobs at the moment. And one of my life goals is to make it as an artist or creative writer. I’ve been trained in both, especially the art; covering the mediums acrylic; pencil (coloured and graphite), and pen and ink. I have talent, have been told that I’ve the talent to get places with it (Mainly by people who were looking at the peices and didn’t know they were mine). So how do you start? How do you get your foot into that door, how do you get yourself known?

New Niche Finder answers:

You’ve heard , 99 percent persperation and one percent inspiration.
The net is a new frontier though. Still honesty and integrity to be able to create something of value that few can imitate is rare.
Art.com gives a free site space to thousands of artist but few really have the ability to produce something that truely is demanding. Demanding meaning, it sells, everyone wants it and their is no way to keep up with the demand except to maybe make the price high enough that not everyone can afford it.
JohnGable.com is about a man that has come a long way and is doing big art where many have only dreamed to go. Do we have a generation of artist that will only be discovered after they die? I dont think so , but you must go 100 steps beyond what the normal good artist would dare attempt. One of my daughters said to me tonight as I was training her to do the set up of some of the task I do in design, she said, “There sure is alot of steps”, Actually maybe over 50 and then you get started. Talent alone is only the cover of the book. Real talent is hundreds and hundreds of pages of information, ideas, trials and errors, and then the handful of a few ideas that you finally run with and maybe one of them lands what the world thinks of as success. But you know that each step and the passion to challage your inner drive paints a picture that few will ever see.
John Roark owner AChildsLittleWorld.com
If an artist ever makes it on our team, there’s more than just talent about them.

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