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Your Questions About How To Discover New Artists

Lisa asks…

What is it that draws my attention to artists, musicians, and writers?

From the beginning of my life, I have ALWAYS been fascinated with all kinds of artistic pursuits. The people always inspire me. There are a few musicians who just blow my mind and the emotions they evoke through their songs are just incredible. However I am terrible at being an artist myself, because I hate everything I create. Why am I like this and what is it that is drawing me to them?

New Niche Finder answers:

Have you watched the Matrix trilogy?

In our culture, most people are like the Architect. Artists are more like the Oracle.

I’m gonna repost my answer about creativity. See if it rings a bell for you:

1. Things that KILL creativity:
Here are some things that you may have been doing, that KILL your creativity. You may have been taught by well-meaning but clueless people to engage in such attitudes and behaviors, but now it’s time to STOP it.

– Functional Fixedness:
Functional fixedness is confusing an object with the function it usually serves.
Is a bottle merely a means for holding liquids, or can you come up with other applications?
If I were to wipe my mouth with a piece of toilet paper, would this seem “weird” to you? Why? What’s wrong with the paper?

– Avoiding Failure:
Trying to be “smart”, “right”, not “stupid”, not “weird” – this limits your creativity.
Embrace “failure” and welcome it. This opens the door to coming up with things you never dreamed of before.

– Stress
Stress puts your body and mind into fight-or-flight mode, creating tunnel vision, and stopping your creativity.
While this may not be directly obvious, reducing stress will be very helpful to get creative.
Any of these activities would be hugely beneficial: Mindfulness, yoga, sports, dancing, relaxation techniques.
Here’s an unusual one: http://bit.ly/rlxDeep

2. Boosting Creativity:
Here are some things to learn about, that will boost your creativity:

– Lateral thinking:
Lateral thinking is a concept developed by Edward de Bono – a world-renowned expert in thinking. It’s all about problem-solving through creative and indirect reasoning.

– Take a thing apart, and put the parts together in new ways.
This is how DJs create remixes. This is how collages are made.

– “Drawing on the right side of the brain”
If you want to become an artist, this is the way to do it. A set of attitudes and concepts discovered and taught by Betty Edwards.

Lizzie asks…

Any other artists out there similar to Hayley Westenra?

I discovered her a few years ago, and LOVE her. Is there anyone else, or any bands or orchestra even, that have a similar style to her classical talent?

New Niche Finder answers:

Do you mean voice-wise? She’s a soprano, so try Cecilia Bartoli (mezzo) or Renee Fleming.

Carol asks…

What is the name of Disney’s cartoon about 2 guys who discovered ancient civilization?

It’s quite old so all i remember about it was that 2 guys discovered ancient civilization and locals thoat they were Gods , so they gave them everything they wan’t. i also can be wrong about it was disney’s and i also think there was a lot of gold in that civilization.

New Niche Finder answers:

That’s the Road to El Dorado

In Spain 1519, two wanted con artists, Miguel (Kenneth Branagh) and Tulio (Kevin Kline), win a map purportedly to the city of gold, El Dorado along with a large number of other valuables by cheating at a game of dice (though the map itself was won fairly). Chased by an angry bull and the city’s guards, the two inadvertently hide themselves on the ship belonging to Hernán Cortés and his troops as they set off to the New World. They manage to escape to a rowboat, inadvertently bringing along Cortés’ horse, Altivo, and eventually end up ashore on the New World, where Miguel recognizes landmarks shown on the map. The three follow the map and end up where the map marks the entrance to El Dorado, but find only an enscribed monolith waiting for them. As they try to determine what to do next, a young tribal woman is chased by a group of guards, and Miguel and Tulio step in to protect her. The guards believe the two to be gods as shown on the monolith, and escort them along with the woman along a river cavern to El Dorado, truly a city made out of gold.

Laura asks…

How does a teen become discovered as a singer?

I am a teenager, I love singing and would like to make a career out of, I live in a small small town, where I have almost zero ways to contact or find a DJ, there are no open mic events..and a lot of people here have given up there dreams, because there aren’t a lot of ways to get discovered. What do I do? Serious answers please.It will be greatly appreciated!

New Niche Finder answers:

“Getting discovered” is something that can happen for one aspiring singer in ten thousand on shows like Idol, Nashville Star, etc. So it’s no sure thing path.

Instead of relying on luck and the planets lining up properly, think of it as “career building”.

Take voice lessons, save your pennies and go to a quality recording studio, make a good 3 song demo and use that on your myspace page and to attract good quality musicians. Even in a small town surely there must be a guitarist and a drummer looking for a singer.

Above all start performing regularly even it means dragging a small karake setup to a local mall or local bar and performing for free. Capture e-mail addresses of fans and mail a little newsletter out so they know where they can see you next and/or buy your CD, buy T-shirts, etc. BUILD A FAN BASE.

Over time you’ll have a succesful business operation. At that point you can negotiate a label deal and YOU will be in the driver’s seat instead of them offering you the typical new unknown artist ripoff deal.

Good luck.

Jenny asks…

How do i analyse pictures from certain artists?

how do i analyse each picture and then create my own drawing/painting/sculpture in relation to the likeliness of that artist? any tips? for contextual studies btw


New Niche Finder answers:

”how do i analyse” is pretty self explanatory…you analyse!! So you look deeply, note differences, similarities, look at brush stroke, texture, tone. Is the art loud or soft, bright or dark, abstract? Quirky? Peaceful? Daring? Without telling me the artists you are referring to its quite hard to help. But yes, ANALYSE, write down what you discover and from that do your own. Good luck.

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