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Your Questions About How To Discover New Artists

Charles asks…

Popular contemporary artists who use prepared piano or who are strongly influence by John Cage?

Who are some fairly popular contemporary artists who use prepared piano, or were strongly influenced by John Cage?

New Niche Finder answers:

I found your artist. She is awesome. Her name is Motoko Honda. Go to her website. I don’t know how to describe it, really.

This is one quote from her bio, but it only begins to explain what she does:
“Ms. Honda utiilizes acoustic piano with extended techniques and 21st-century technologies, effortlessly working with visual artists and dancers alike.”

Okay, one more quote:
“Imagine Radiohead teaching Franz List how to rock a KAOSS pad; or John Cage facing off with Bud Powell over prepared piano” 

Convinced? I am, and I seriously never heard of her until I just discovered her. Here’s her website:http://www.motokohonda.com/#!

Robert asks…

Was president Husni Mubarak proven innocent of crimes against demonstrators?

Was the Egyptian revolution an Islamic-lead conspiracy against Mubarak? I thought the majority of Egyptians supported the 2001 Revolution against Mubarak, but I’m discovering that many artists and liberals were against the toppling of Mubarak.

New Niche Finder answers:

I prayed for Mubarak , and i am a christian, he was kind to all peoples, all branches of Abrahams people.And everytime i would look at him, i would see my dead father, who i miss so much. As they look so much alike.He is a man of peace, not war.

David asks…

What Does It Take To Be A Professional Artist?

I’m a young artist (15 Years Old) and I’m just curious what classes I have to take in the future to be an professional artist? I’m looking into cartoon like Simpson’s Comics or even something like graphic novels like DC/Marvel comics maybe.

New Niche Finder answers:

At age 15, you may find that your desire to draw will expand; you may find yourself interested in other forms of art expression before the time of high school graduation.

Comics are wonderful. I began drawing comic (cartoon) characters when i was a toddler and have been drawing ever since. At present to answer your question, i’ll just tell you what happened to myself. At present, i’m a retired illustrator who had also needed another trade while working my own way through earning: two associate degrees (“commercial art” & “illustration”); and a bachelor degree (fine arts, with a specialty in graphic design).

If things are the same as they were in the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s:

a non-artistic (ie, “general”) college or university, which offers art degrees and/or certificate programs, will likely not need to initially see a review of your saved, best work (which would determine your entry status) — containing a sampling of all styles, including the kind of art that you find most-interesting.

On the other hand, a college or career-school, which is only about art (courses toward mastery of fine art or some form of “commercial” art), will want to see a collection (a “portfolio”) of your best all-around pieces: neatly matted & framed for presentation (as if you are applying for an art position).

I’ve not seen “cartooning” or “comics-illustration” as the title of a course of study (such as illustration, industrial design, ceramics & pottery, fine-art, etc). But i can say that a working knowledge of human anatomy, color-theory, the business side of being a professional artist, story boards, etc, will more-than-likely be the course of college-study for anyone interested in comics.

When i was 15, i always took art courses in high school — as well as secretarial courses, as a back-up (in the event that i would not be able to fully support myself as the artist i wanted to be). The best advice i can give is to sit with your high school counselor, who can answer questions such as your own.

At the same time, you may want to send-for and investigate information, from various colleges/art-schools, to see the offerings. When talking with your parents about your desires, you may want to mention that all forms of art can be successful ways of making a living for both men and women.

I have always wanted to be an artist and remember drawing while still a small child in a high-chair. Art and design runs in my family, on both my mothers and fathers side. Friends of mine — who discovered a desire to draw, in junior high school or high school — found that they were really much better at doing other things (writing, math, science, etc). Indeed anyone is best at what seems most natural and/or comfortable for them.

It seems to follow that the very thing one wishes to do — more-than-anything — in his or her spare-time (whenever the chance presents itself), should use that “special past-time” as a serious guide to their choice of a lifetime career. Unfortunately, so many people are unhappy with career choices: choices made for status or income (or what someone else expects of them), rather than along the pathway of what they’ve dearly loved.

Thanks for considering my personal thoughts on your question. Hopefully i’ve somehow been able to help. Sincere best wishes to you!!

Betty asks…

Are there any websites made for getting exposure for music artists ?

I’ve recently started up my own little Dubstep music project, and I’m trying to get exposure for it online,
But with Myspace being dead and virtually useless for recording artists anymore,
and with Facebook becoming Spambook,
You can probably see that it’s not easy,
Are there any websites that are fairly popular and will actually get my music out there ?

New Niche Finder answers:

Youtube pretty much anyone can get famous now a day most artist get discover on youtube the king of youtube justin bieber sign by usher but you can also become popular by writing a really bad song aka rebbeca black friday or just make a funny parody out of any songs

Carol asks…

How can a young female singing group get discovered?

Me and my best friend made a Pop/Hip Hop group called Swagg Queens. We are both talented singers but we are not the best at dancing but we are willing to learn. Our group age ranged are 13-15. Our style are sort of similar but not exact to the omg Girls. We would like to know how to get discovered even if we don’t live in a big city? Oh an also follow us on Twitter @Swagg_queens143

New Niche Finder answers:

The big record companies just rip off artists. Even if you got signed you would not necessarily be successful.

These days you can make your own CDs. Perform wherever you can and sell your CDs just a little above cost. The internet gives you lots of options. You can put up videos on youtube and put songs/albums on p2p networks.

And if you want to get noticed, you have to do something that people will like and yet is different from what everyone else is doing.

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