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Your Questions About How To Discover New Artists

Maria asks…

Bands you’ve recently discovered – new or otherwise?

Usually, I’m pretty good about keeping bands on my radar, and checking out the ones getting a lot of buzz. However, my husband recently bought me a CD by My Morning Jacket, saying he thought I’d really dig them – and he was totally right, for whatever that’s worth! I haven’t been this excited about a new (or “newto-me”) artist in a long time. Anyway, I was more than a little surprised to find out that they had five albums out and were Bonnaroo regulars, and yet, they somehow completely escaped my notice…

So what’s a band you’ve recently discovered – new or otherwise? How‘d you find out about them? What are your thoughts on them?

New Niche Finder answers:

I recently discovered the band “Black Tide” through one of my friends I like a few songs by them so far :

Live Fast Die Young
Light From Above

Oh and if your looking to learn about some more bands go to Pandora.com it’s an online radio station that uses the music genome project to pick songs that you like based on what band or song you type in it’s awesome I’ve found tons of bands that I like that I never knew about before.

James asks…

2. Who in Aztec society were the best educated?

2. Who in Aztec society were the best educated?
(Points : 3)




3. Which is the best description of Aztec religion?
(Points : 3)




4. Which best explains the fall of the empire of the Aztecs?
(Points : 3)
Aztec enemies allied themselves with Spanish invaders.

Spanish conquerors outnumbered the Aztecs.

Aztec soldiers refused to fight because they thought the Spanish were gods.

The empire fell into a civil war.

5. Which connected the millions of people living in the Inca Empire?
(Points : 3)




6. Which best describes Machu Picchu?
(Points : 3)
the capital of the Inca Empire

a great temple where human sacrifices were performed

a city in the Yucatán Peninsula

a large complex of buildings high in the Andes

7. Which is the correct description of chasquis?
(Points : 3)
trained runners who carried news throughout the Inca Empire

colored strings used to keep records in the Inca Empire

clan groups used for taxation in the Inca Empire

summer dwellings used by the rulers of the Inca Empire

8. Which two events weakened the Inca Empire prior to the Spanish conquest?
(Points : 3)
civil war and disease

decline in trade and an uprising among neighboring people

a devastating earthquake and tidal wave

drought and famine

9. Which best describes the Renaissance?
(Points : 3)
rebirth of interest in classical civilization, which led to creativity in Europe

renewal of wars against Turks in the Holy Land to open trade with the East

creation of a new style of diplomacy that originated in Italy

reopening of the Silk Road to China

10. Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy?
(Points : 3)
Italy was a unified and powerful country, where new ideas could take hold free of outside influence.

Trade and conflict brought Byzantine and Muslim ideas to wealthy Italian city-states.

Only Italian merchants were allowed access to China, where they discovered new ideas.

Italian artists were the first to break with the traditions of Greece and Rome.

11. In which city did the Renaissance begin?
(Points : 3)




12. How did the Medici family influence the Renaissance?
(Points : 3)
They discovered ancient texts containing long-forgotten knowledge.

They supported the unification of all Italian states.

They reopened trade with India and China.

They were patrons of art and learning.

13. In The Prince, Machiavelli says: “It is safer to be feared than to be loved.” Which is the best description of his meaning? (Points : 3)
Rulers should only treat their own people with kindness; all others should live in fear.
Rulers will have more success by demonstrating power rather than goodwill.
Rulers should constantly watch out for traitors.
Rulers will succeed only if they make their subjects feel frightened.

14. Which best explains the spread of the Renaissance to northern Europe?
(Points : 3)
Artists and thinkers fled Italy because of war and disease.

Italian armies conquered large areas of Europe.

Italian merchants traded with prosperous cities to the north.

Traders from the Byzantine Empire arrived in European cities.

15. Why is the printing press considered one of the world’s most significant inventions?
(Points : 3)
It led to the Gutenberg Bible.

It spread knowledge and spurred literacy.

It gave more people access to manuscripts.

It increased trade between European cities.

16. Which Renaissance artist covered the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with masterful frescoes of religious scenes?
(Points : 3)
Leonardo da Vinci



Sandro Botticelli

17. Name the Renaissance artist who produced detailed engravings that became famous throughout Europe.
(Points : 3)
Jan van Eyck

Hans Holbein the Younger

Albrecht Dürer

El Greco

18. Elizabethan England is most famous for which art form?
(Points : 3)


epic poetry


New Niche Finder answers:

I won’t give you the answers but i will give you some help by showing you sites that will point you to the first few answers. You, how-ever, have to do the reading.




George asks…

Pandora vs. Slacker vs. something else…?

I am curious about your opinion on the different on-line music players. I run mine from my PC.

I have really only tried the two big ones and I started with Pandora first and the shifted to slacker. Here is what I found.


Padora is easier and more intuitive right out of the starting gate. Pandora is smooth and fast from one song or station to the next.

Slacker take some guess work (at least for me) in where to go and how to use things. It also seems to run slower than Pandora but that oddly doesn’t bother me.


Both have ads but Pandora seems to have less and they are less annoying and no of them advertise Pandora.

Slackers ads really starting annoying at first because they seemed so frequent but soon enough I didn’t really care and this is because of one reason I will get to later.


Pandora is pretty easy and generic when it come to adding artists to stations and it has more options when disliking or liking specific songs. Sometimes I do wonder if I dislike a song or artist will Pandora assume I don’t like them at all or just don’t want them on that specific station.

Slacker customization is quite good in terms of artists and songs and how deep into a genre or artist you want to go. My only beef is that when you click an artists on the suggestion list it changes the list to other musicians like that artists. So if I am making a New Wav station and see an artist I don’t know on their list, I click it, and the entire list changes to give me artists like that one. I just want to stay on my current list and not have to go back. Slacker loses some major points me though on the fact that you cannot shuffle all stations you have to create a new station that has all the stuff you want on it and that seems pointless and tiring because I already did that on individual stations.


My Pandora station for French and Italian music of the 60s has some Francoise Hardy and one Serge Gainsbourg album and Pandora had no Mina AT ALL! On my zouk station I started with Kassav’ and had to add soca and reggae to get an even slightly non repetitive station. They also had no Altramar or like groups.

On Slacker when I made both those stations I had no problems AND they had Mina and Altramar, thank you very much. Also the way you can pick and search for artists has already led me to discover new artists I didn’t know about right from the start. Pandora had yet to really surprise me.

Accuracy of song choices:

The music genome thing on Pandora seems very lacking in functionality because when I make a station that has say Ray Charles or Bette Midler on a jazz swing station it starts giving me country and blues and disco as well because these artists worked in those genres as well. Or if I add Mika’s “Lollipop” to an electro-swing station it starts adding all kinds of europop. It also seems to default to certain genres when it doesn’t know what to do with a chosen artist or song, the to biggest defaults are smooth jazz when I do any kind of instrumental jazz and “new age” when I do traditional medieval music and the like.

I don’t know how slacker is with this genome problem as I haven’t tried messing with the yet.. But I know when I select artists or genres it doesn’t trail off into some totally wrong genre right away.

So because of the huge catalog, (it had Mina for eff’s sake) I am willing to endure annoying ads and thus Slakcer wins hands down.

New Niche Finder answers:

I can’t comprehend why anyone uses Pandora. It has less music. The genome thing brings up stuff I don’t like. Slacker provides almost perfect customization. If music is important to you, I don’t understand people’s unwillingness to learn the interface (which is far from intuitive). I currently have a free trial of Premium from having a Sony device that will automatically connect to it. I used it exclusively on a free account before. I use it some on phone, usually on the computer just to customize use elsewhere, primarily in my home via Sony Blu-ray player.

Slacker does sometimes stop while loading. I can tolerate that to get my music.

Just to make your decision harder, but maybe better for you long-term, I’ve seen good reviews of Last.fm. I didn’t fully try it because Slacker met my needs. PLEASE post what you decide works for you, if you decide.

Donald asks…

I want to listen to rock music again…?

Im the kind of person who listens to all types of music, but mainly hip hop since that is what i am around alot…even though im not really into it. Ever since i was younger i would watch TV and they would show the greatest rock songs and i was amazed by the music that i heard…aerosmith, Nirvana, AC/DC and many more and i started to listen to older rock songs…i cant really keep up with the newer songs

But now i want to really get back into rock music and discover older and newer artist that i have not yet…but for the past few years hip hop has been taking over and i want to listen to something that i truly like…not what is “HOT”

How can i get back into listening to rock again, HELP me!!!

New Niche Finder answers:

Yeah! Cool choice

Dinosaur Jr.
Pissed Jeans
Finger Eleven
Pearl Jam
Jimi Hendrix
Kings of leon
Lost prophets
The Used
The Foo Fighters
Puddle Of Mudd
Rise Against

Sandy asks…

How often do you try to look for new bands or artist?

after finding a new band, do you normally wait a while until you try to discover more bands?

I usually like to wait a bit so i can learn the songs and stuff

New Niche Finder answers:

I am into 60’s Garage Rock and I’m always on the lookout for great artists that get no radio play or new Garage Rock albums. Basically I might hear a group get mentioned and just look them up on amazon and check out reviews, the album gets good reviews I buy it!

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