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Your Questions About How To Discover New Artists

Joseph asks…

If uploading music videos and music tracks to YouTube is not allowed, then why are there so many?

If I upload music tracks on YouTube from famous artists, is this illegal? If it is not allowed, why are there dozens of such videos on YouTube?

New Niche Finder answers:

If you don’t have permission to upload their music then yes it’s illegal. There are more than “dozens” of illegal videos on YouTube because there is no way for users to report such videos. They are usualy only removed if YouTube’s copyright identification program discovers them or if the owners of the songs discover them and file a copyright dispute claim. In some instances they will allow the video to remain there but there may be a condition, for example, I uploaded a megamix of all the songs from Ministry of Sound’s 2009 Annual and it was identified by YouTube’s copyright identification program but they allowed it’s use but they were allowed to place ads on my video if they wanted and to view data about my video. Certain record labels are more diligant and protective of their music than others so it really depends what company owns the music as to if and how soon it gets removed.

William asks…

What is the best place to listen to music on the internet?

Im looking for a web site like last.fm or yahoo radio where you could listen to music online for free and you could rate songs/artists and you would get suggestions based on what you listen to.
Youtube doesn’t count, its not designed for this and it takes up too much bandwidth if you want to listen in high quality.

New Niche Finder answers:

8tracks is pretty good, you just search for a keyword and heaps of playlists come up, it’s a great way to discover new music.
Grooveshark is basically like itunes except it’s on the internet and free, you make an account then make playlists of all your favourite songs.
Then there’s pandora, which I don’t use personally cos it’s only for the US, but it is similar to the ones you suggested.
Then there’s deezer which is quite similar to grooveshark.
Imeem is apparently pretty good, but again I don’t really use it.
Musicovery – you just choose your mood and you get a whole heap of songs
jango is another radio type site.

George asks…

Who are your favorite INTERNATIONAL recording artists?

I am into music from around the world. I am looking to broaden my horizons. – Just today I discovered
Sara Tavares and Kiran Ahluwalia.

I need to find more!

New Niche Finder answers:

I fell in love with his music back in the late 80’s, early 90’s. He is still putting out new albums and has done some duets with people such as Cher, Tina Turner and Andrea Bocelli. The song he does with Bocelli is Musica `e which is a remake of his own song from the 80’s.

Charles asks…

How do people find non mainstream clothing brands and music?

Everytime I’m with my friend he shows me all these unknow brands and artists and id like to show him new stuff for a change. Where could I find new stuff?

New Niche Finder answers:

I’d definitely suggest checking out Hot Topic for one, PacSun is also good. Hot Topic gets you teeshirts of all the stuff that’s not mainstream, pretty much. They even have Owl City tees. As for music, how I find a ton of my favorites that no one has ever heard of is by going to lyric videos on YouTube and checking out the suggested videos box. It brings up similar songs by bands I have not discovered yet sometimes, and I just listen to the new stuff for a bit to see if I like the band, and keep a master list of good bands to look further into when I am bored. This is how I found Sail by the Stars, The Rocket Summer, Every Avenue, School Boy Humor, Hey Monday, etc. I suggest started with a well known band that’s not mainstream, such as Never Shout Never, All Time Low, Three Days Grace, Skillet, Paramore, Owl City, etc. And working your way from there.

As for clothes, try watching some of Alex Day’s videos on YouTube. He in a few videos of his where he gets his clothes. Try six items or less on his nermiearmyhq chanel. His main chanel is nerimon. Also, try buying different YouTubers shirts. Some vlogbrothers stuff is pretty good. Maybe some Ministry of Magic stuff too? Try shopping around online for clothes and ordering them. Just make sure to get the right size or you’re out of luck.

Good luck!

Mandy asks…

How to make my artistic business official?

I am an artist, I draw and paint portraits of people. I have a list of happy customers already, I wrote up a contract (including project, copyright info, right of refusal, payment amounts and terms) I keep record of everything I have done, I have business cards, a Facebook page and twitter. I work from home & I am not looking to get a studio anytime soon.

Are there any papers I would need to fill out to become a legal business owner? Being an artist, I don’t have health risks to the collector, or anything like that. As in, there is no inspection for my work or anything that could harm my clients. I am over 18 years of age.

Also, how would I copyright my work legally?

New Niche Finder answers:

You get a business license with your city, open a business account at your bank and you register with the IRS as a business. My accountant did the IRS part for me 30 years ago so I can’t say how to do that part. Since you are selling goods you are supposed to get a resale tax ID with the state, so you can collect and pay sales tax.

All of that will give you a certain legitimacy. Your contract and paperwork is good, but it doesn’t alter your status as a business one bit. Doing the above makes you a business.

I’ll say that if you get a license with the city they could give you a hard time about working from home (zoning issues) but maybe they won’t. Being a business with the IRS and state costs you certain things like self-employment tax and social security but you can also deduct all business expenses. You should talk to an accountant. If you want to be a real business you should get an accountant on your side anyway. Some people think “getting” an accountant means hiring one, but in our case they do our taxes and are a phone call away, not full time.

Your work is copyrighted the moment you finish it, automatically. If you want to actually register it, go here:

http://www.copyright.gov/ Note that is copyright.gov – copyright.com is not the copyright office.

BTW, as to the other rather nonsensical answer. I’m a pro artist. I’ve had my own free-standing brick and mortar business for 30 years this year. It’s my sole income (has been…..) and quite a nice sole income to boot.

Eva – up above is the big green toolbar. Click on ask, answer or discover to do those things. If you ask a question make sure you put it in the proper category. It’s irritating to get questions in the wrong category but also you won’t get any answers.

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